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Olympic Swimming Pool Stadium (1956) ph: E. G. Adamson (source: NGV) Arch. Kevin Borland, Peter McIntyre, and John and Phyllis Murphy, Bill Irwin (engineer)


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We have been working for 25 years to document and protect Australian buildings and sites, thanks to the support of our subscribers and the voluntary help of heritage experts.

DOCOMOMO Australia is a volunteer group of architects historians, conservationists, and enthusiasts who all share a desire to raise awareness, appreciation, and protection of Australia’s recently designed past for the present and the future.

Nevertheless, the design, organisation, research and publication of books, the website and other digital resources have a financial cost which we are asking you to help support through your subscriptions.

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Without a strong core of financial members, DOCOMOMO Australia cannot pursue and grow its documentation and advocacy work or continue to be recognised as a voting international working party. With financial assistance from membership fees, we can continue to build our activities and digital forum. We are looking forward to having many new members to strengthen and expand our existing expertise.

We want you to help us and enjoy being part of DOCOMOMO Australia with us.

Our Mission
Offering the know-how, documentation and expertise to preserve modern architecture, landscapes, and design through advocacy, collaboration, and promotion of the knowledge of the modern movement in Australia. 

Our Vision
An Australian community with people valuing modern heritage and using it to shape a distinct local identity

Our Goals

  • DOCOMOMO Australia is an inclusive and diverse organization.
  • DOCOMOMO Australia provides financial support for modern heritage campaigns and long-lasting documentation and resources.
  • Extend DOCOMOMO Australia’s influence to all Australian States.
  • DOCOMOMO Australia is a rewarding place of engagement for the board, members, and volunteers.
  • DOCOMOMO Australia has a renewed, formal documentation programme

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