Why the MLC Building in North Sydney should be saved / The Fifth Estate

MLC Building inNorth Sydney. Image via @HillThalisAUP on Twitter.

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Beyond concern for preserving such rich heritage, the proposed demolition of the MLC Building in North Sydney poses deep environmental concerns.

History is the story of who we are. A wise society will take lessons from that history – both good and bad – and critically engage with the present to proactively shape a better future. We do this well in many regards, and we should make no exception when we come to questions of architecture.  

There is currently a development application in assessment at North Sydney Council to demolish MLC Building, a 20th Century masterpiece of significance to Australia.

Completed in 1956, it marks an important part of our cultural, social, commercial and architectural history. Its inclusion as a heritage item on many registers recognises this. So how can such a vital piece of our architectural history be discarded like ephemera that fashion has left behind – only for its value to be potentially “rediscovered” anew in the near future?