What do you value about Canberra’s Commonwealth Avenue Bridge? Have your say by 6 December

GML Heritage is currently undertaking consultation on behalf of the ACT Government and National Capital Authority to investigate the aesthetic and social heritage values of Commonwealth Avenue Bridge in Canberra. Commonwealth Avenue Bridge is not individually heritage listed, however, it forms part of the wider heritage listing nomination for Lake Burley Griffin and other listings within the Central National Area of Canberra.

Part of our study involves an online survey and we are inviting people to respond. Your views will help us understand what the wider community values, or does not value, about Commonwealth Avenue Bridge. We are interested in your feedback on all aspects of the bridge whether you use it every day to get to work, have visited it once, or have never visited but have a strong interest in bridges and their design/engineering.

The survey will take about 7-10 mins to complete and is anonymous – take the surveyIt is open until COB Friday 6 December 2019.

Commonwealth Avenue Bridge forms an important part of Canberra’s road network which many people use on a daily basis. We want to know what YOU value most about Commonwealth Avenue Bridge.

Is it more than a convenient way for you to get across Lake Burley Griffin every day? Are there other aspects of the bridge that are important to you? Tell us what you think via this anonymous survey. It will take less than ten minutes to complete.

The purpose of this survey is to gain an understanding of how people value Commonwealth Avenue Bridge as it exists today. The information provided will contribute to research into the aesthetic and social heritage values of Commonwealth Avenue Bridge and enable effective heritage management of the place in the future. 

Please note that this survey is not associated with any specific current or future design proposals or works relating to the bridge.

Answer as many questions as possible (noting those with an asterisk * will require a response).