Under Threat: Cocheras de Metro de Madrid en Cuatro Caminos, Madrid, Spain, 1918

Under Threat: Cocheras de Metro de Madrid en Cuatro Caminos
by Antonio Palacios, Madrid, Spain, 1918

Plataforma Salvemos Cuatro Caminos is collecting signatures to prevent the demolition of a work of industrial heritage from the 20th century in Madrid: the historic railroad yard “Cocheras de Metro de Madrid en Cuatro Caminos”, designed by the architect Antonio Palacios and constructed in 1918.

The initiative has received support from TICCIH Internacional, Plan Nacional de Patrimonio Industrial, Hispania Nostra, Plataforma en Defensa de la Cultura, Asociacion Espanola para la Proteccion de Patrimonio Arquitectonico del siglo XX, amongst others. This support will be made public by 19th February, along with the 12 000 signatures already collected through the online platform www.change.org.

The saw tooth roof of this railroad yard is one of the most remarkable works of Antonio Palacios. This kind of structure was only used in this very particular case in the whole Europe, where buildings of this type were always designed with a pitched roof. It is also in the origins of the Madrid´s underground network, the oldest in Spain and one of the first 10 to be constructed in the world.

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Photo by Carlos Rosillo