The Colour of Innovation: German Architecture in the 1920s / Sept 13


The Colour of Innovation: German Architecture in the 1920s

When: Wednesday 13th September, 6 pm for 6:30pm lecture.

Where: Lecture Theater 270, Level 2, Wilkinson Building (G04), School of Architecture, Design and Planning, 148 City Rd, Darlington NSW 2008,

Speaker: Deborah Barnstone


Color may only be skin deep, but it can change the experience of architecture – something that German innovators were well aware of in the 1920s.  Of course, this contradicts one of the most pervasive myths about early modernism namely, that it was white.  Whilst whiteness did figure in designs from the period, colour was also integral to experimental practice.  And colour was used in unexpected and marvelous ways: to defy spatial boundaries and human perception, to connect the physical, real world with the invisible, spiritual world, and more.  The Colour of Innovation will explore five radical ways that members of the German avant-garde including Walter Gropius, Bruno Taut, and Wenzel Hablik, used colour in their projects.

Lecture Series

CIRCA Presents Lecture Series II in collaboration with Architectural Theory Review (ATR) & Histories of Architecture and Built Environments group (HABEg). Join us on the following days at 6:00 pm in Wilkinson Building for insights and discussions into the various research expertise of academics from the ADP and beyond! 

  • Thurs 7 Sept: Deborah Barnstone, The Colour of Innovation: German Architecture in the 1920s @ Lecture Theatre 270 
  • Wed 4 Oct: Andrew Leach, TBC @ Lecture Theatre 270
  • Thurs 19 Oct: Catriona Quin (UNSW), TBC @ Lecture Theatre 270

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