DOCOMOMO Conference / Workshop “A Modern Utopia. Design as a Tool for the Conservation and Reuse of Modern Heritage.”

Thursday, September 1st – Sunday, September 4th, 2022 (Universidad Laboral de Cheste)
Tuesday, September 6th (Exibiton Universitat Politecnica de Valencia)

The International DOCOMOMO Student Workshop is organized in Cheste Workers University (Valencia) from 1-4 September 2022, in the framework of 17th International DOCOMOMO Conference “Modern Design. Social Commitment & Quality of life.” The workshop is organized by the Valencia School of Architecture (Universitat Politècnica de Valencia) and DOCOMOMO International ISC/Education & Training.

The workshop will approach the search for social, economic and environmental sustainability of the Cheste Workers University designed by Fernando Moreno Barberá. Once claimed to represent a “record in construction, built in the briefest period of time,” this example of modern Spanish architecture is now under the Spanish Ministry of Culture’s National Plan for the Conservation of 20th Century Cultural Heritage. But without legal protection and lack of official cataloguing, the Complex is facing a risk of abandonment and actions that may undermine its architectural values.Objectives / GoalsThe objective is to attract the knowledge and ideas of young professionals and students from different disciplines such as Architecture, Design, Art, Cultural Management, Economics or Sociology, for thinking collectively about the possible futures of these architectures, for which it is a challenge and also an opportunity, to find the uses and design interventions that allow it to be preserved and used in a manner consistent with its values and its heritage importance. 
To this end, the themes are proposed by taking Design Thinking as an analysis tool and project process, which will organize the group of participants into different working groups.

The 3 proposed workshops are: Design thinking, Re-designing, and Modeling.


WORKSHOP 1 SOS Modern Heritage. Design scenarios for Modern Heritage Management.
Tutors: Carmel Gradolí + Pasqual Herrero
Participants will analyse the state of modern heritage in Valencia and Spain, through examples in all states: (protected and in use, buildings in use in poor condition, abandoned buildings and threatened with ruin, demolished or missing buildings). 
We will study which are the values and management techniques for the recovery and use of these examples of architecture, with a mission: to jointly design different Scenarios and possible Re-Use for the Modern Heritage, and specifically for the Cheste Workers University. The future scenarios must be graphic and visual form to be expressed through the media and dissemination to the Community.

WORKSHOP 2 Modern Design Notebook. An approach to design at 1:1 scale.
Tutores: Carmen Martínez + Fernando Usó
Participants will focus on the values of architecture and design in the Modern Movement, through on-site observation, detailed drawing or 3D modeling. A series of drifts and visits throughout the University, in which the participants will complete a notebook of details, with a precise methodology, allowing them to learn the values of the elements of architecture (facades, brise-soleils, stairs, floors) as well as the details of furniture (furnishings, lighting, interior design details). 
After the analysis process, the participants will redesign the objects and construction details, according to the new context, and new paradigms of sustainability, which can be used for future rehabilitation interventions. The digitalization of these notebooks will form an inventory of the modern heritage of the Cheste Workers University which will be collected as an online dossier.

WORKSHOP 3 Cut-out architectures. Models as educational resources for the dissemination of architecture.
Tutor: Fernando Jiménez
The participants will use the methodology of Paper Cut-outs to analyse different buildings of the Cheste Workers University. Starting with the study of an example, and after the visit to the different buildings, and their composition and constructive analysis, participants will select some of the buildings and design the cut-out templates.
These new templates will be able to complete a collection of future cut-outs of architectures. The new Cut-outs, once they can be edited with greater detail, can be didactic elements for students of architecture and design, as well as for school children.

Workshop documentation will be available in a later stage for download (only for selected participating students and tutors).

Each teams’ results will consist of a panels or Paper Cut-outs, and an oral presentation supported by Power Point by one or more of the team members.
Panels and Paper Cut-outs will be exhibited in Aula Magna ETSA Foyer during 17th International DOCOMOMO Conference. The panels should graphically summarize the team results. Some selected presentations will be presented on the last evening of the 17th International DOCOMOMO Conference.

At the conclusion of the workshop, students will receive a certificate of participation.Educational AimsTo study Modern Architecture History in the 60’s;
To analyze the particularities of the Iberian Modern Movement and their international references;
To recognize the values of Modern Architecture;
To analyze and interpret the relationship between society and architecture;
To apply drawings as research and analyzing tool;
To identify and synthesize the most important elements of the buildings and translate them into a model;
To approach to materiality and constructive details of the Modern Architecture;
To write texts on Modern Architecture.ScheduleTHURSDAY 1st
10:30 Arrival of Participants / Accreditations (Cheste Workers University)
11:00 Presentation of the Workshop by the DOCOMOMO International Congress Organization and the participating Universities and Schools (Cheste Workers University, ETSA UPV and EASD) 
12:00 Coffee Break
12:00 Organization of teams and presentation of the Workshops by the Tutors.
14:00 Lunch Break
15:00 -18:00 Workshops (Session 1)
18:00-19:00 Joint activity in the gardens: Documentary on the construction of the Cheste Workers University
21:00 Break-Dinner

10:00 -12:00 Workshops (Session 2)
12:00 Coffee Break
12:30 -14:00 Workshops (Session 3)
14:00 Lunch Break
15:00-18:00 Workshops (Session 4)
18:00-19:00 Joint activity: Modern Heritage Protection and Future. Discussion in the gardens
21:00 Break – Dinner

10:00 -12:00 Preparation of Workshop results. 
12:00 Coffee Break
12:30 -14:00 Preparation of exhibition – public presentation
14:00 Lunch Break
17:00-18:00 Presentation of results
18:00-19:00 Joint activity in the gardens.
21:00 Break – Dinner

10:00 -12:00 Moving Workshop Results to ETSA
12:00 Coffee Break
12:30 -15:00 Organising Workshop Results Exhibition in ETSA  

MONDAY 5th (Opening Exhibition ETSA UPV)
16:00 – 18:00 Opening Workshop Results Exhibition DOCOMOMO Conference

FRIDAY 9th (Round Table Workshop)
16:00 -19:00 Workshop Conclusions Presentation

10 participants Architecture and Interior Architecture by CV selection. ETSA UPV
10 participants Arts and Design by CV selection. EASD
10 participants from International Schools of Architecture and Design, by CV selection. 
Workshop Participants are selected from a CV and motivation letter Open call. The number of participants from each modality can be modified depending on applications.
Students from international architectural schools will be mixed with local students in international as well as multidisciplinary teams, involving planners, architects, researchers, historians, interior designers, conservators and so on. Teams will be composed of 10 students, each with preferably one local and one foreign tutor.

1-2-3-4 SEPTEMBER 2022

Cheste Workers University 
ETSA Escola Técnica Superior d’Arquitectura de la Universitat Politécnica de Valencia UPV (School of Architecture UPV)

Workshop WorkTeam and local Tutors from Escola Tècnica Superior d’Arquitectura de la Universitat Politècnica de València (ETSA/UPV) and Escola Superior de Disseny de València (EASD):
Pasqual Herrero (ETSA UPV)
Maite Palomares (ETSA/UPV)
Carmel Gradolí (ETSA UPV)
Fernando Usó (ETSA UPV)
Fernando Jiménez (Cortaypega Studio)
Carmen Martínez (EASD)
Lara Llop (EASD)
Santiago Tormo (ETSA UPV)

The tutors will be joined by Wido Quist (TU Delft), Secretary General of DOCOMOMO International.

International Architects involved in DOCOMOMO aims are invited to participate as tutors in the 3 Workshops. Accommodation at the Cheste Workers University and meals will be free for them for up to a maximum of 6 tutors.

50€ Attending Workshop
The fee includes:
Accommodation at the Cheste Workers University and meals during the Workshop
Workshop material (except computer)
Free access to lectures within the workshop
Certificate of participation

Travel from Valencia to the University are not included in the fee. Bus 266, from Gran Vía Fernando El Católico 10, takes to Cheste Workers University, directly. All the information will be on the website.

100€ Attending Congres
The fee includes:
Welcome cocktail, coffee break and lunch during the Conference
Free access to lectures 
Certificate of participation
Book of Proceedings, Closing dinner and Thursday Special lunch are not included in the fee

ETSA Escola Técnica Superior d’Arquitectura de la Universitat Politécnica de Valencia UPV
Dirección General de Calidad, Rehabilitación y Eficiencia Energética de la Vicepresidencia Segunda y Conselleria de Vivienda y Arquitectura Bioclimática. GVA
Universitat Laboral de Cheste
EASD Escola d’Art i Superior de DissenyOfficial Website