Talk | Perth / Why Archives Matter / 10 November

Architectural archives include drawings, photographs and other material used in the design and construction process. This talk and panel discussion looks at why architects should keep good quality archives of their own and how existing records can be used in design.


Dr Christine GarnautAssociate Research Professor of Planning and Architectural History and Director of the Architecture Museum at University of South Australia. Christine will talk about ICAM’s objectives: to preserve the architectural record; raise the quality and protection of the built environment; foster study of architectural history in the interest of practice; stimulate public appreciation; and promote exchange of information and professional
Dr Kate Gregory 
Battye Historian at State Library of WA and previously Historian with National Trust of Australia. A published author, exhibition curator and art historian, Kate is a trustee of the board of the Western Australian Museum. She will talk about the role of the State Library as the primary home of archives of private architects. She will look at how records are stored and the process for accessing material for research or practical use.
Tim Wright
Practicing architect in Western Australia. Tim will talk about the way in which he accessed and used archival drawings and photographs in his recent reconstruction of the Paganin House in Floreat. This important example of mid-century modernism designed by Bulgraian refugee architect Iwan Iwanoff in 1965, was seriously damaged by fire in 2015.
This event is being held in conjunction with ICAM [International Confederation of Architectural Museums] Australasia 2017.




Friday 10 November 2017
3.30pm – 5pm
followed by drinks
33 Broadway, Nedlands


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