Talk / Chasing Our Past – Modern Church Architecture in Queensland and Ipswich’s Exemplars

St John’s Lutheran, Ipswich (1961), by Karl Langer.
Exterior photograph (Daunt, 2024)

Chasing Our Past

Tuesday, 11 Jun 2024 – 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM / 1 Nicholas Street


Over 1500 churches were built in Queensland between 1945-1977. They constitute some of the best modern architecture in the state, and reveal tensions regarding modernism’s role in cultural expression and regional identity. Queensland architects and their clients drew inspiration from both international and interstate church buildings, simultaneously seeking to adapt their church designs to the local tropical and sub-tropical (hot, humid and also arid) climate, construction industry and economy, and to give a spatial order to changing liturgies and worship practices. Amongst these churches were many very basic buildings, but also numerous highly accomplished examples. 

Join Dr Lisa Marie Daunt as she highlights some of the interesting examples including St John’s Lutheran Church and the (former) Ipswich Congregational Church.

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Image credit: Central Congregational, Ipswich (1958), by Scorer and Scorer. 1958 exterior photograph (Picture Ipswich, Whitehead Collection, WHD-015-NEG-1211).

About the presenter:

Lisa Marie Daunt earned her PhD in March 2021. Her dissertation, Communities of faith: Modern church architecture in Queensland, 1945-1977, offers a fresh perspective on modernist church architecture, differing from accounts of such churches built for the largely settled communities in the northern hemisphere. It highlights how the development of church architecture in Queensland was very specific to its time and place – a young, developing state covering a vast area of land, which was sparsely populated and highly multi-denominational.

Daunt’s career now straddles architectural practice, architectural history, and heritage consultancy, complemented by presentations and publications to disseminate her research.

Event details

When: Tuesday, 11 Jun 2024 – 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM

Where: Ipswich Central Library, 1 Nicholas St, Ipswich QLD 4305


Central Congregational, Ipswich (1958), by Scorer and Scorer.
1958 interior photographs after completion (Picture Ipswich, 
Whitehead Collection
, WHD-015-NEG-1232