Symposium | Sydney Opera House: Concept, Innovation and Renewal / Nov 8

Symposium / Sydney Opera House: Concept, Innovation and Renewal – a symposium |
Utzon Room, Sydney Opera House | 8.30am-4.30pm 8 November 2023

Join us in the Utzon Room for an insightful series of talks with industry leaders about the Sydney Opera House’s creation and its future. From concept to realisation, innovation to renewal, we’ll share new research and reveal untold stories about the contribution of architects, engineers, and builders to Australia’s masterpiece of 20th century architecture.  In this full day symposium, you’ll hear from a series of subject matter experts as they unpack the significance of its architecture, construction, and the technological innovations that have shaped the icon we love today. 

Learn about Jørn Utzon’s vision, methodology and approach to working, Peter Hall’s contribution to the interiors and his interpretation of Utzon’s work, and the future social, political and renewal challenges and opportunities that stand ahead for the Opera House. 

Thank you to Event Sponsors: Architects Registration Board NSW, Australian Institute of Architects and the Commonwealth Government’s Australian Heritage Grant program.

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