Sydney Opera House – 45th Anniversary

Sydney Opera House, by Jørn Utzon, Sydney, Australia, 1956
Saturday 20th October was the 45th anniversary of one of the world´s most iconic buildings: the Sydney Opera House. The result of a UIA-endorsed competition in 1956, the Sydney Opera House has since become the youngest UNESCO World Heritage Site and today plays host to 11 million visitors a year. Constructed by about 10, 000 workers from 90 different countries, it is a building that epitomises diversity. Now at the mid-point of its 10-year renewal programme, the Opera House has achieved accessibility for all and a 75% cut in power consumption. The UIA pays its own tribute to this flagship UIA competition winner with a series of interviews and statements from people whose lives are entwined with it.
Happy birthday, Sydney Opera House.
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For the history of the original project see Jørn Utzon’s early drawings on