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Photo: Max Dupain, © Penelope Seidler

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Seidler office and penthouse

Focus Tour – Sat 5 Nov 2022

Harry Seidler’s award winning office building and later adjoining penthouse.

About the Tour

Tour Experience

From the original office furniture in the workplace to bespoke cabinetry in the home, art is integrated into all aspects of life. Join Polly Seidler on a tour of the Seidler offices and walk through the connecting door from the meeting room into the stunning penthouse apartment, now occasionally used as guest accommodation for visiting artists and architects. The tour will also explain Harry’s Park, completed in 2011.

Polly Seidler facilitates research requests on the work of Harry Seidler and manages Seidler copyright. 

Building Information

The award-winning offices of Harry Seidler & Associates, and adjoining penthouse, were developed in stages between 1973 and 1988. The first building completed was at 2 Glen Street, an 11-metre clear span office building of prestressed profiled T-beams, with vertical exterior concrete sun blades – a Seidler signature. The roof terrace has panoramic views of the harbour city. An adjoining building was constructed in 1988, extending the offices on the lower floors (2A Glen Street), and adding a penthouse, designed by Harry and Penelope Seidler. The penthouse is a voluminous space, with a presentation theatre and entertaining facilities including a half-elliptical Indian granite dining table oriented towards the harbour view. A curved stair leads to the penthouse’s upper-level lounge, study and master suite. Both the office and penthouse are heritage-listed locally. They are living exemplars of Harry Seidler’s architectural clarity and innovation, and his integration of artwork. In a tribute to Harry Seidler, who died in March 2006, an adjoining pocket of land was gifted to the public by Penelope Seidler as a pocket park (completed in 2011) in honour of his legacy and contributions to the city.




Harry Seidler and penthouse with Penelope Seidler


AIA (NSW) – Urban Design Award 2012

AIA – National Commendation for Urban Design 2012

AIA – National Enduring Architecture Award Commendation 2010

AIA (NSW) – Twenty-Five Year Award for Enduring Architecture Award 2010

RAIA – National Interior Design Award 1991

RAIA (NSW) – Merit Award 1991

Marble Architecture Awards (Carrara, Italy) – First Prize 1989

RAIA (NSW) – Sir John Sulman Medal 1981

RAIA (NSW) – Merit Award 1974


Harry Seidler & Associates.

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