Stop demolition of ‘Rotherwood’


Lanciata da Annette Cooper

Help save affordable housing and heritage by stopping the demolition of ‘Rotherwood’, 570 Riversdale Rd, Camberwell

  • ‘Rotherwood’, a landmark block of inter-war flats built by Eric Humphries (Barry Humphries’ father), is set to be demolished. Boroondara Council has declared it has no heritage value and, despite many community objectors, approved plans for a multi-unit luxury development.
  • ‘Rotherwood’ has nine good-quality, affordable apartments plus off-street parking. It is solidly built and has a large established garden.
  • ‘Rotherwood’ is part of Camberwell’s history and should form part of an inter-war flats heritage precinct comprising 570, 573 and 576 Riversdale Rd. A heritage consultant should be engaged to assess this.
  • Demolition of ‘Rotherwood’ is contrary to Council’s Climate Change Policy – with the demolition and construction process all contributing to greenhouse gases. Most of the site will now be covered in hard surfaces.
  • Excavation for the basement will also risk damaging the magnificent Pin Oak tree at the front by allowing an incursion of up to 9% into the Tree Protection Zone.
  • How can we talk about the need to reduce our ‘environmental footprint’ yet still allow these sorts of developments to occur, when their footprint is so much larger than currently exists?
  • How will the cost of living and house prices be reduced, when affordable housing is continually being replaced with luxury units?
  • Why is ‘Rotherwood’ being consigned to landfill?