Selection from the DOCOMOMO Registers

With the DOCOMOMO Journal and book publications DOCOMOMO has gathered the knowledge around the globe which is collected in documentation fiches and displayed in the virtual exhibition MoMoVe.  

Besides two dedicated publications have given visibility to the diversity of Modern Movement in the different countries. In 2000 Dennis Sharp & Catherine Cooke editedTHE MODERN MOVEMENT IN ARCHITECTURE: SELECTIONS FROM THE DOCOMOMO REGISTERS(280p.)and in 2007 Marieke Kuipers & Panayotis Tournikiotis were guest editors of the DOCOMOMO JOURNAL 36OTHER MODERNISMS: A SELECTION FROM THE DOCOMOMO REGISTERS, 2007 (118 p.). Both will soon be available online via the DOCOMOMO website.

Since then, DOCOMOMO International has grown and has 78 national working parties today, many of them joined after 2007 and in the last decade. It is time for another selection from the DOCOMOMO REGISTERS and we are looking forward to a new edition 2024.