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ph: Craig Hayman
ph: Craig Hayman

Docomomo Australia is republishing the appeal of the Save Our Sirius Foundation and invites you to share the campaign


Dear Friends of Carterwilliamson Architects, 

You may have read recently the NSW Minister for Heritage decision not to list Sirius on the State Heritage Register. This decision goes against the unanimous expert opinion of the Heritage Council.

I believe this is an important building for our architecture, social, and cultural heritage of Sydney, and should be placed on the register. There is a boldness about that building – not only from an architectural point of view but from a social point of view. The clarity of its purpose is so strong. Not listing the building will likely mean it is sold and demolished. In fact Social Housing Minister Hazzard has called for its demolition.

As the Chairperson for the Save Our Sirius Foundation, I have launched a Crowdfunding campaign to mount a legal action against the Minister’s decision to not place Sirius on the State Heritage Register.  

I invite you to review the information below, and consider becoming a supporter of our campaign.

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Thank you,

Shaun Carter
Principal, Carterwilliamson Architects
Chair, Save Our Sirius Foundation
NSW Chapter President, Australian Institute of Architects

“The official view in heritage terms is you really only need to meet one criterion. If you think it is significant to the State on aesthetic grounds, then it is significant to the State.”
— Stephen Davies, Chair NSW Heritage Council 


Our Challenge 

The Save Our Sirius Foundation believes the Minister for Heritage has not made the necessary and proper considerations on relevant matters in rejecting the Heritage Council’s recommendation to list Sirius Apartments on the State Heritage Register. We will be asking the Environmental Defenders Office to launch a legal action to have the Minister’s decision reviewed and annulled. Forcing the Minister and the Government to give due weight to the relevant facts in re-making their decision.

We must remember the Heritage Council voted unanimously to recommend Sirius for listing on the State Heritage Register on the grounds of:

  • Aesthetics (exemplar Brutalist Architecture), and
  • History with the Green Bans movement within The Rocks.

Minister Mark Speakman rejects the Heritage Council’s recommendation, whilst admitting the heritage, said he preferred the money instead. Saying “I am not [heritage] listing it because, whatever its heritage value, even at its highest, that value is greatly outweighed by what would be a huge loss of extra funds from the saleof the site.”

How You Can Help

There are a number of ways you can show your support to save Sirius.

1.     Choose a reward: By choosing a reward you are joining our team and pledging your support to save Sirius. Our campaign is now online at
2.     Share our campaign: To be successful we need to share the campaign far and wide. Talking with friends and family about our project and sharing this page will help us spread the message about saving Sirius.
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P.31761/1, Architectural elevation, Sirius public housing apartments, watercolour and ink on board, unknown artist, Australia, 1978-1979.
P.31761/1, Architectural elevation, Sirius public housing apartments, watercolour and ink on board, unknown artist, Australia, 1978-1979.