SAH Method Acts Workshops launch 2021

Method Acts is a series of virtual workshops hosted by the Society of Architectural Historians (SAH) focused on scholarly techniques for graduate students and emerging scholars in architectural history and adjacent fields. This series of two events will be a forum for discussing approaches to their work, with the first being held 15th January 2021, and the second, 26th February 2021 featuring 2020 ACAHUCH Post-Doctoral Research Fellow and Hononrary, Dr Macarena de la Vega de León.

From the event page, SAH notes “Historical methods are practices and are inherently political. The question of who gets to write history is inextricable from the politics of how they write it. The scope, subject, and mode of address, the historical evidence that is available in any given moment, and the orientation of the researcher all condition our encounters with the events and objects that we study. As architectural historians in early phases of our careers, we have the opportunity to orient our field toward broader forms of engagement.

Taking the abstract, bibliography, archive, and footnote as places where methods are imprinted, discussions will begin with 10-minute presentations by emerging scholars, including Dr de la Vega de León, providing a concise overview of their research, their methodological frame, and a specific area where the intervention occurs: the abstract, bibliography, archive, or footnote.

Following the discussions, the SAH Graduate Student Advisory Committee will moderate questions for approximately 30 minutes (with a 5-minute introduction and conclusion to the event).

Method Acts is organized by SAH Graduate Student Advisory Committee members Jia Yi GuJonah Rowen, and Jessica Varner. The series is free and open to SAH members. Each program is limited to 45 participants.

For more information, please see the events page here.