Robin Boyd Baker House for rental

Boyd Baker House in Long Forest Road, Bacchus Marsh, Victoria


Robin Boyd  Baker House in Bacchus Marsh, Victoria is available for permanent rental

Dr Baker who commissioned the Boyd Baker House from Robin Boyd graduated from both Eton and Cambridge University in mathematics.

With four children already, he and his wife decided that they would settle in Australia after he took up an opportunity as a senior lecturer in mathematics at Melbourne University and the RAAF Academy at Point Cook.

Before he left for Australia, Dr Baker calculated that if Australia had an area of 3000 square miles and a then population of 12 million people one person’s share of that land mass was a quarter of a square mile.

He decided that he wanted to have his equivalent share of that land mass. To Dr Baker mathematical and geometric calculations were very important.

This of course eventually led him to people such as Robin Boyd who also respected geometrical calculations in all of his architecture. Dr Baker loved the wild areas of England and decided to search in the outskirts of Melbourne for his quarter of a square mile of bushland.  He wanted to be within easy reach of both Melbourne University and Point Cook.

Dr Baker says “I constructed the perpendicular bisector between Melbourne University and Point Cook, measured off the maximum commuting distance and traveled out.  Long Forest near Bacchus Marsh was the first bit of bush I came to”.

It was virgin untouched bush, wild and primeval.  As it turned out, it contained the only area of Bulmally south of the great divide.  The bush was never farmed as the top soil in the forest consisted of half an inch of alkaline dirt.

Dr Baker saw his half square mile advertised in the Age and bought it the same day for something over $4,000.00.  The estate agent laughed all the way to the bank.

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The Robin Boyd Baker House introduced on Architel by professor Philip Goad 


Modernist Robyn Boyd, built of stone home available for permanent rental.

Long Forest.

Main house Baker House

  • 3 main bedrooms together with additional alcoves accommodating a further 4 double beds.
  • 3 bathrooms
  • Well appointed kitchen
  • Huge entertaining room
  • Expansive open fireplace in main sitting area
  • Study/5thbedroom

The house sits around and internal courtyard on 32 acres of pristine native bushland

  • $990.00 per week negotiable plus outgoings

Dower House

  • Located in 32 acres of pristine native bushland in Bacchus Marsh area
  • Modernist Robyn Boyd house impressive


  • 2 bedrooms
  • 1 bathroom
  • Well appointed kitchen
  • Sitting/meals area with open fireplace
  • $550.00 per week negotiable plus outgoings

Please contact Rita at the Boyd Baker House on ph 03 8508 6444 or by email

for further information an inspection or to make a rental application

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