Punchbowl Baby Health Centre

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Punchbowl Baby Health Centre
Davey & Brindley
date of commission:
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748 Punchbowl Road, Punchbowl, NSW
Health (HLT)
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Noni Boyd, 2012
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Punchbowl_Baby_Health (Pdf)


The Punchbowl Baby Health Centre is located on the busy thoroughfare of Punchbowl Road and faces the open parkland of Warren Reserve. It is a single storey face brick building designed and constructed in the 1940s. It has a distinctive curved symmetrical facade and wings extending off each side from the curved entry. The building presents to the northwest with the entry set at an angle to Punchbowl Road addressing the former corner of Punchbowl Road and Urunga Parade. It is accessed by a cement path that is also set on an angle from the Punchbowl Road footpath. The Centre is an unusual design, consisting of a series of rooms situated around a central circular Waiting Room. The entry into the waiting room is via a covered curved porch set flat at ground level, which was designed to provide easy access for prams. The pathway to the building is lined with flower beds and at some stage after the official 1948 opening and associated photographs, a flagpole was constructed on the north-western side beside the cement path.