Community: Building Modern Australia

A new publication on Australian Modernism

Edited Hannah Lewi and David Nichols,

Authors Hannah Lewi, David Nichols, Philip Goad, Kate Darian-Smith, Caroline Jordan and Julie Willis

UNSW Press, 2010

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Book Flyer:

Community matters more than ever in 21st-century Australia. Whether communities are located in cities, suburbs or rural and remote townships, they share a strong similarity. They are defined and sustained by their neighbourhood facilities and amenities, many of which are products of community spirit, volunteer labour and local activism. Comprehensive and richly illustrated, featuring many hitherto unseen pictures, Community: Building Modern Australia is written by six specialists in the field: Kate Darian-Smith, Philip Goad, Caroline Jordan, Hannah Lewi, David Nichols and Julie Willis.

This highly original book examines the extraordinary rise of municipal buildings across Australia in the mid-20th century – including kindergartens, baby health centres, local public libraries, civic centres, swimming pools and bowling clubs – and the role these buildings played in the development of community and society. Their style and monumental aspirations range from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Community traces the complex links between the ideology of community building, the visions of architects, planners and the people, and the expectations and experiences of Australians in the building of a modern nation.

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