Post-war houses in Sydney Region wanted for student CMP exercises

Lobster Bay House by Ian McKay. Picture: Michael Wee

This year students in the School of Architecture Design and Planning at the University of Sydney will undertake a conservation management planning (CMP) exercise in their unit, Conservation Methods and Practices. The focus of the students’ CMPs this year will be the modern house. To this end the School is looking for sympathetic owners of architect-designed houses that were designed and built between the 1950s and the 1990s.

All students are postgraduate course work students in the Master of Heritage Conservation or the Master of Architecture at the University of Sydney. They come from a variety of different backgrounds, but most hold an earlier professional qualification in architecture, planning, archaeology, or a related field and many also work in these fields. The students will be working in groups and will need to visit the property and spend some time there on one or two occasions across the semester. At the request of the owner a staff member can be made available to attend to site visit with students. All students undertaking the unit of study are fully insured by the University of Sydney.

There are benefits to property owners, including increased knowledge about the history of their property and some recommendations to consider when planning change. This work will lead to a full Conservation Management Plan at the end of the semester. The student work is not directed toward listing properties but helping owners understand and manage the heritage significance of their houses. This might be particularly useful for properties that are already listed.

Ideally the houses should be in the Greater Sydney region or within an easy drive of Sydney.

If you have a possible house for the project please contact Scott Robertson ( in the first instance and he can pass on the details to the University.