Polish War Memorial Chapel

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Polish War Memorial Chapel

Michael Dysart
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Quakers Road Marayong, NSW
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Religion (REL)


The Polish Memorial Church is a highly intact significant twentieth-century architectural example of post-war Modernist church design, which broke away from traditional church forms, also reflecting changes in church worship styles.

The church reflects the strong post-war European migrant history of the suburban settlement of Blacktown.

The Church has high social significance to the Polish immigrant community of Sydney as the location of the Polish War Memorial Chapel.

Late Twentieth Century Ecclesiastical church form reflecting a departure from traditional cruciform church shapes allowed by changes in liturgy and forms of worship such as allowed by Vatican II.

The church is an expressive form with a simple square plan and a strong vertical emphasis reflected in the dramatic timber laminated roof planes and vertically aligned narrow window forms.

The base is of brick with a steeply pitched tiled roof.

Designed by Michael Dysart in 1966.