Panel: AIA presents the Architecture in Research Forum: The Contemporary Architectural Archive and Digital Files

The documentation for architecture is digital born. This includes our drawings, site information, presentation images, and digital models. We need to ensure that this information is resilient and can remain useful for future generations. This session brings together researchers exploring the contemporary architectural archive, virtual heritage, and the opportunities a digital archive can provide by extending traditional models.


Dr Peter Raisbeck
Since 2006 he has been at the MSD at Melbourne University teaching Architectural Practice, Design, Design Activism and Contemporary Architectural Archives. He has published around 60 books, book chapters, journal, and conference papers. His work and research outputs broadly span the architectural profession, its history, and future prospects. He has a particular interest in understanding the architectural profession’s present condition through its histories, theories, and current dilemmas

Dr Alison de Kruiff
Alison de Kruiff is a lecturer and researcher in the School of Design at Swinburne University of Technology. She has a PhD in Design Research investigating the creation of Virtual Heritage, the 3D digitisation of cultural heritage sites and objects. She conducts research into user experience, information design and extended (virtual and augmented) reality, focusing on cultural and health needs of communities.

Dillon Webster,  recent Masters of Urban and Cultural Heritage at the Melbourne School of Design
Dillon Webster interrogates traditionally assigned notions of space, and desires to unpack the historically embedded procedures and decisions of the design industry… and generally queering it. As a researcher, he is exploring the themes of post-modernism, archival frameworks, memory, representation, and virtual heritage the through the lens of the built environment.


Dr Kirsten Day, MSD, University of Melbourne

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