Panel: ACAHUCH x ICOMOS GA 2023 x Lovell Chen : Heritage Changes – or does it?


The event will be held in person and online.

Wednesday 22 Mar 2023 6pm – 8pm

The themes for the upcoming ICOMOS GA23 Scientific Symposium are ‘Resilience – Responsibility – Rights – Relationships’, under the main banner, Heritage Changes. In light of this, and with the twin aims of challenging the current assumptions of heritage practice and considering it in relation to other disciplines, Lovell Chen invites you to a no-holds-barred panel discussion — reflecting views from a range of perspectives: community and society, environment and climate change, first nations and anthropology, curators and writers, the marginalised … and more.

If conservation and cultural heritage are to endure, do we need to think differently? Would their role in society be reinvigorated through greater integration with social, economic and environmental concerns? How do we ensure that heritage conservation remains relevant? Is heritage an impediment to reaching zero carbon?

We have now lived with heritage lists and registers for decades. Many include buildings and places selected based on judgements of marginal relevance to us today and, even though the value systems we use to judge heritage significance are continually evolving, past decisions are not reviewed. The lists continue to grow. Is it time to start ‘deaccessioning’? Are heritage registers holding us back, given that adaptation of existing structures plays a major role in reducing the impacts of climate change?

This promises to be a lively discussion!

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