Open House Melbourne / 30-31 July

Melbourne Quakers Centre, Nervegna Reed Architecture + pH architects. Photo: John Gollings.

Modern Melbourne premiere & panel discussion

Our Modern Melbourne short film series makes a grand return featuring Peter Elliott, one of our most celebrated architects and winner of the Australian Institute of Architects Gold Medal in 2017 – the highest honour for an Australian architect. Premiering at ACMI on Thursday 28 July to launch the Weekend festival, it will be the first exclusive screening of this episode, followed by a panel discussion with special guests. This new episode delves into Peter Elliott Architecture and Urban Design’s continued exploration of what Peter describes as a form of ‘urban acupuncture’ – a dexterous, responsive and topographic approach to the relationship between architecture and the city.

Take Hold of the Clouds

Take Hold of the Clouds is a curated exhibition in partnership with Monash University of responsive creative works that a redistributed across seven of the city’s most iconic buildings and urban spaces. Contributors include Forensic Architecture at The Capitol, Cauleen Smith at the Melbourne Quakers Centre and Kent Morris at the St Kilda Foreshore Vaults. As a feature of this year’s festival, it intervenes into the July program with each temporal creative work adding a new layer to how we understand these spaces in relation to the world around us. Discover the full list of curators, sites and creative practitioners here.

Making Home: Housing with Care

Architect and housing advocate Tania Davidge curates this series of talks unpacking the issues that influence the provision of social and affordable housing in Australia. It also addresses the importance of the delivery of housing as part of a broader infrastructure of care and looks at how architects, housing providers and government are working to make a difference. Creating homes requires more than just housing; these talks examine what services and support are required and how asks how they be integrated through design.

Guildford and Hardware Lane – an Historian’s tour

The Guildford and Hardware laneways were developed initially to provide rear service access to properties, and as thoroughfares through the blocks and between streets. The intense subdivision of the 1850s gold-rush period saw many of the rear lanes evolve into distinct streets with their own frontages.

Join architecture historians Libby Blamey and Meighen Katz for a social history walking tour of the Guildford and Hardware Lane precinct and insight into the less well-known parts of Melbourne’s beloved laneways, the rich social history of the area and architecturally significant buildings.

City of Melbourne Tours

Choose from three offerings presented by the City of Melbourne and designed to teach Melburnians about different aspects of public life in the city.

2022 Open House Melbourne Full Program