Notice of Banyule Planning Scheme Amendment – Proposed Heritage Overlay

Notice of Banyule Planning Scheme Amendment C165 – Proposed Heritage Overlay

Banyule Council has prepared Amendment C165 which proposes to apply the Heritage Overlay to 21 places that have been identified as being of local heritage significance and recommended for protection in the Banyule Heritage Study 2020.

Map of Banyule suburbs and precincts. (Source: Banyule City Council)

The City of Banyule constitutes the study area . Situated north-east of the Melbourne CBD, the municipality (approximately 63 km2 in area) has an estimated population of 131,940 residents (2020). The Yarra River (Birrarung) runs along Banyule’s south border while the west is defined by Darebin Creek. The topography is relatively level along the river flats extending westwards, with the remainder of the municipality characterised by an undulating terrain.

Amendment C165 is now on public exhibition and formal submissions to the amendment can be made.

What the amendment does

Amendment C165 proposes to make the following changes to the Banyule Planning Scheme:

  • apply the Heritage Overlay on a permanent basis to 21 individual heritage places
  • introduces the Banyule Heritage Study 2020 as a background document
  • introduces Statements of Significance as incorporated documents for the 21 heritage places being added to the Heritage Overlay

The amendment also reduces the extent of the Heritage Overlay for the existing heritage place HO82 ‘Taruna House’

Where can I find more information?

The proposed Amendment will be on public exhibition from 7 February 2022 to 18 March 2022.
All amendment documents including the Explanatory Report can be viewed:

  • On the Shaping Banyule page of Banyule Council’s website:
  • On the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website:
  • During office hours at Banyule’s customer service centres:

Greensborough Office
Level 3, 1 Flintoff Street
(above Watermarc)

Ivanhoe Library & Community Hub
275 Upper Heidelberg Road

How can I make a submission?

If you wish to make a formal submission to Amendment C165 it must be made in writing and be received by Council no later than 5pm on Friday 18 March 2022. Submissions should clearly state the grounds on which the amendment is supported or opposed and indicate what changes (if any) the submitter wishes to make.

A submission can be made:
Post: Banyule City Council, Strategic Planning, PO Box 94, Greensborough VIC 3088

Please note that Council must make a copy of every submission available at its office and/or on its website for any person to inspect free of charge for two months after the amendment comes into operation or lapses. If you have any questions please contact Strategic Planning on 9457 9835, or email to

Download the Banyule Heritage Study 2020

Reccomended modern individual heritage overlays proposed in the study

1Green Mount Court110 Maltravers Road, Eaglemont1960-61Modernist block of flats
Designed by Holgar & Holgar
4Stubley’s Hay and Grain Store (former)96-104 Main Street, Greensborough1935Substantial Moderne-style commercial premise
Designed by Albert K Lines
5Collins House45 Bronte Street, Heidelberg1954Modernist, timber house Designed (likely) by Robin Boyd
6Welsh House4 Eton Court, Heidelberg1965-72Modernist brick house Designed by Charles Duncan
8Beddison/Swift House5 Crown Road, Ivanhoe1963Modernist house, brick
Designed by Bell & Clerehan, chiefly Neil Clerehan
92nd Ivanhoe Scout Hall8A Wallace Street, Ivanhoe1939-40Large, purpose-built ‘modern’ scout hall, designed by Kingston Sedgfield
10Willis House10 Gruyere Crescent, Ivanhoe East1950Early Modernist house, brick, designed by Robin Boyd
11Purcell House17 Hartlands Road, Ivanhoe East1963Small modernist house, masonry
Designed and later added to by Guilford Bell
12Yann House21 Keam Street, Ivanhoe East1960-63Modernist brick house
Designed by Geoffrey Woodfall + Garside and Genser Architects
13Crittenden House30 Longstaff Street, Ivanhoe East1961Modernist house, brick
Designed by Chancellor & Patrick
14Hilliard House6 Quandolan Close, Ivanhoe East1968-69Modernist brick house with Japanese influence
Designed by Smith & Tracey
15St George Peace Memorial Church47 Warncliffe Road, Ivanhoe East1936/1953 and
Modernist Anglican church
Designed by Frederick Romberg, including much of earlier church hall
16Mother of God Church56 Wilfred Road, Ivanhoe East1957Modernist Catholic church
Designed by Mockridge, Stahle & Mitchell
17Okalyi House66 Old Eltham Road, Lower Plenty1968-70Modernist house, brick Designed by Charles Duncan
18Lindsay Edward House149 Old Eltham Road, Lower Plenty1950-52Mud-brick house Designed by Alistair Knox
19Vera Knox House46 Panorama Street, Lower Plenty1958-60Limestone house Designed by Alistair Knox
20English House50-52 Philip Street, Lower Plenty1947Mud-brick house, Alistair Knox’s first mud-brick design Mud-brick house, Alistair Knox’s first mud-brick design
21Uglow House79 Buena Vista Drive, Montmorency1955-56Modernist house Designed by Robin Boyd