New DOCOMOMO Journal : Shared Heritage Africa (69/2023)

N 69 - 2023/2

No. 69 (2023)
Shared Heritage Africa

Guest Editors: Kuukuwa Manful, Ola Uduku, Christian Burkhard, Anica Dragutinovic, Taibat Lawanson, Mark OlwenyEditors: Uta Pottgiesser, Wido Quist

Docomomo International is proud to present the results of the international project Shared Heritage Africa: Rediscovering Masterpieces and other selected papers from our call for papers Shared Heritage Africa – Campuses, published in December 2022. The SHA project itself, coordinated by Docomomo Germany, focused on rediscovering post-war modern buildings from the 1950s-1980s in the partner countries Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda, and Rwanda.

This Docomomo journal highlights the importance of the combination of local workshops, including student writing and photography workshops, exhibitions and ‘digital fellowships’ using the internet for dissemination. Exploratory interviews and narratives are used to collect testimonies of contemporary users⎯applied in the SHA project as well as in the other articles. Aspects discussed are, among others, the physical; deterioration (technical, functional, social), the cosmological; through the sense of identity, community, place attachment, maintenance and taking care, ownership and appropriation, and the environmental; considering the quality, and sustainability of spaces, and also conditions of comfort and satisfaction.

Published: 2023-12-15