MoMove: Docomomo International Virtual Exhibition

About MoMove

The DOCOMOMO Virtual Exhibition (MoMove) features a selection of buildings, sites and tours related to the Modern Movement Architecture. Created in 1988, DOCOMOMO (DOcumentation and COnservation of buildings, sites and neighborhoods of the MOdernMOvement) is a global not-for-profit organization, present in 70 countries and regions, devoted to the safeguard of this particular architectural heritage ( MoMove, as the name suggests, is an invitation to travel and visit a selection of buildings and sites. This web-based platform and database tool serves as a mapping resource for Modern Movement architecture around the globe. MoMove contains an architectural tagging system that filters the buildings by architect, city, type and decade. MoMove was created by DOCOMOMO International, Lisbon Headquarters, 2015.


The MoMove is an effective step to accomplish the DOCOMOMO mission, as it was defined in the Eidhoven-Seoul Statement in 1989 and 2014 ( DOCOMOMO endeavors to increase public awareness of the Modern Movement, to preserve and promote the study, interpretation and protection of its architecture, landscape and urban design.

A global network of contributors

MoMove was the result of the volunteer work of DOCOMOMO members all around the world. It is important to mention that DOCOMOMO International has an open understanding of the Modern Movement which admits very different architectural expressions in accordance to the local interpretation.

DOCOMOMO is responsible for curating the exhibition, verifying all the new entries and making them public, as well as uploading files such as audio, video and short films. The individual contributors and their working parties are responsible for the written content. DOCOMOMO working parties can continue their work and improve the exhibition by adding new content and files. The complete credits of the DOCOMOMO virtual exhibition can be found here: credits

Users will be able to comment and share buildings through a social network such a Twitter or Facebook. If you are interested in expanding the exhibition, help us by sending your photos, drawings, interviews or videos to


DOCOMOMO International has been developing a digital communication strategy dedicated both to experts and a wide public audience namely: improvement of the DOCOMOMO website, online shop, monthly release of a complete newsletter, the regular update of DOCOMOMO Facebook wall and twitter timeline. MoMove is a global digital database providing trustworthy information submitted by the DOCOMOMO network of experts. Hopefully this database will grow with the help of our members who can upload short films, sound tracks and images and provide links to other web resources.

Last but not the least, MoMove is always interested in hearing feedback from our users. Your help will be what keeps MoMove growing and evolving.

docotour Japan

Tour curated by: Docomomo International | 6 Locations

“We will visit masterpieces of modern architecture in Japan, including Hizuchi Elementary School, which was awarded World Monument Fund /Knoll Modernism Prize in 2012. We will also visit Kagawa Prefectural Hall, Gymnasium, and Kurashiki City Art…

docotour Mexico City

Tour curated by: docomomo International | 9 Locations

This tour is based on the docotour held in 2010 at the 11th International docomomo Conference in Mexico City, which explores relevant works of Mexican architects such as Félix Candela, Mathias Goeritz and Luis Barragán.

docotour Berlin

Tour curated by: docomomo International | 5 Locations

This range of works is based on the catalog “Die Moderne in Berlin: Bauten 1909-1937”, period that strongly influenced the form of the city of Berlin.

docotour Lisbon

Tour curated by: docomomo International | 7 Locations

The “Modern Lisbon” Tour, within the International docomomo Seminar, took place on the 28 March 2015 and included a guided tour by Ana Tostões, docomomo International Chair, to reference works of modern and contemporary heritage in Lisbon.…