17th Docomomo International conference / Modern Design: Social Commitment and Quality of Life / Valencia, Sept 2022

Docomomo International conference

The Universitat Politècnica de València, through the School of Architecture is presenting the 17th Docomomo International Conference to be hosted in València, Spain, from 6th to 9th September, 2022.

Directed by Carmen Jordá and Maite Palomares, the Conference it is included in the official programme of Valencia World Design Capital 2022 and is the most important event as far as Architectural Design is concerned.

We proposed “Modern Design: Social Commitment & Quality of Life” as the Conference Theme because we aim to present The Modern Movement’s legacy in a wider context, not simply individual architects or buildings but the values of the Modern Movement and their impact on society in general. The Conference, therefore, is organized through five sections, analysing the specific contributions of Avant-Gardes, Latin America, Women, Iberia or the Internationalization of Modern Movement Designs.

During the Conference invited speakers, recognised specialists in Modern Design will be making their own personal contributions to the general theme. Those individual viewpoints will provide us with a global perspective of how modern design and its complementary aspects developed.

28 February 2022

Full papers must be sent (with all the components listed below) to Docomomo vlc/22 secretariat and complete registration with full payment for the conference. Only the authors and co-authors that completed their registration and payment for the Conference before this date will have their papers published.

Required components for the documents to submit before 28 February 2022:

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Written in accordance with the guidelines, including:

· Abstract (300 words)
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28 March                      
Deadline for session chairs to return papers with comments to the speakers

30 April                  
Full papers submission deadline (final version) 

15 July                            
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6 to 9 September       
17th International Docomomo Conference

Docomomo International is pleased to announce that the 17th International Docomomo Conference will be hosted at the School of Architecture, Universitat Politècnica de Valencia in Valencia, Spain, between 6th and 9th September 2022, under the theme “Modern Design: Social Commitment & Quality of Life“.

This theme will encourage us to reflect upon how re-thinking interior space in the widest sense was tackled, the different contexts where it was developed and who the main artifices were. If the proposed theme is, in itself, pertinent, today it is of even greater interest as, curiously, the improvement in the health conditions of habitable spaces is an insistent social demand as a result of the international spread on the COVID 19 pandemic.

Main Themes

#01 The Avant-Gardes. First generation architects

This section will analyse the contribution of avantgardes and the designs of recognised architects such as Le Corbusier or Mies van der Rohe, paying special attention to those that transformed households through the mechanization of domestic tasks and the extensive use of ingenious systems of storage and transformable furniture. The search for a healthier and easier life is exemplified in Margarete Lihotzky’s innovative Frankfurt kitchen (1925). Likewise, it can be claimed that the environmental component was introduced early on by Alvar Aalto with his concern for the landscape, and even Walter Gropius’ social hygiene concerns that invite a re-reading in a similar manner.

#02 Post-war. International expansion

Numerous examples illustrate the worldwide expansion of modern design, now representing timeless models. The aim of this section is to provide a comprehensive reading, although, at the same time, taking geographical particularities into account and contemplating the diversity of cases by analysing relationships and influences.

#03 The Latin American contribution

This section envisages a panorama that will include various generations of architects and from a wide geographical perspective, each location with its own particularities and highlighting their contributions to design and their possible influence.

#04 Women. Pioneers and modern

This section studies the subtleties and, at the same time, the functional designs of female architects, so as to recover their place in history, as essential figures in design and whose works continue to be marketed to this day.

#05 Iberia. Cultural identity

This section deals with the evolution of modern design in Portugal and Spain and analyses both particularities and international influences, bearing in mind that both countries suffered long periods of dictatorships.

#06 New Materials and Innovative Technologies

#07 Urban Design and Quality of Life

#08 Landscapes and Public Space