MLC North Sydney listed on the State Heritage Register

Scott Robertson

Great news for the end of 2023- MLC North Sydney has been listed on the State Heritage Register by the Minister for Heritage today 22 December 2023. It’s been a long road with many fighting for this building’s protection so it is great to see the Minister supporting the protection of our 20th Century heritage.

“The NSW Minister for Heritage has, upon the advice of the Heritage Council of NSW, re-listed the former MLC Building at North Sydney on the NSW State Heritage Register.  This follows its previous removal from the SHR on technical grounds following a decision of the NSW Supreme Court and a subsequent NSW Land & Environment Court case that concurred that the building was of State significance and should not be demolished.

This is good news but it may turn out to be a Pyrrhic victory as the building is adjacent to the new Victoria Cross Metro Station and the NSW Government intends to rezone land within 1.2km of metro stations to permit high-density residential development and, at the same time, to switch of heritage provisions within that area.  In addition, the owners of the building have been reported as intending to submit a development application to convert the building into “build-for-rent” apartments which meets the state government’s policy of increasing such accommodation.  If the project achieves State Significant Development status this will also switch off any heritage protection under the SSD legislation.”

Scott Robertson, Docomomo Australia

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