Melbourne / Lectures by Miles Glendinning on Modernism and conservation / 2-3 Nov.

Image: Red Road estate under construction, Glasgow, Scotland, 1966. From Tower Block: Modern Public Housing in England, Scotland, Wales and North Ireland, by Miles Glendinning & Stefan Muthesius.


LECTURES IN MELBOURNE by Professor Miles Glendinning, from Edinburgh University

LECTURE ONE – hosted by Docomomo and Boyd Foundation

November 2nd, Boyd Foundation, Walsh Street, South Yarra @ 6.00
Modernist Mass Housing – Towards a Global Historical Overview’, Miles Glendinning

This lecture will overview a major research initiative Miles Glendinning has been working on for the past 5 years tracing the narrative of mass housing as an international phenomenon since the early 20th century and the projects that resulted.


The conservation movement FAW

LECTURE TWO – hosted by ACAHUCH and the Melbourne School of Design
Thursday November 3rd @ 1.00, Japanese Room, Melbourne School of Design

A Trojan Horse? Popular Participation and the ‘Grand Narrative’ of Conservation in Europe and America ‘, Miles Glendinning

This lecture will trace the history of ideals of ‘civic engagement’ versus the role of the ‘expert’ in conservation.



Miles Glendinning is Professor of Architectural Conservation at the University of Edinburgh and Director of the Scottish Centre for Conservation Studies. He has published extensively on modernist and contemporary architecture and housing: books include the award winning Tower Block (with Stefan Muthesius); Modern Architect, on the life and times of Sir Robert Matthew;  Architecture’s Evil Empire – a polemical evaluation of contemporary ‘iconic modernism’; and most recently the award-winning The Conservation Movement: a History of Architectural Preservation (2013). His current research is focused on an international investigation of the history of 20th century mass housing, especially in key hotspots such as Hong Kong.

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