What’s Happening on Rond Terrace? / Lake Burley Griffin Guardians Media Release

Media Release / Lake Burley Griffin Guardians / 16 November 2021

What is happening on Rond Terrace?

The NCA is presently building 6 flagpoles on Rond Terrace at the far end of Anzac Parade and their website indicates that further ‘improvements’ are planned. The Guardians are concerned that there has been no public consultation on the proposed works, public statement of heritage impact or apparent notification of reference under the EPBC Act for works in this nationally sensitive heritage area. Attempts to put war memorials on Rond Terrace 2008-11 evoked enormous public condemnation. (Rond Terrace Improvements| National Capital Authority (nca.gov.au).

It does seem as though the NCA has used the cover of Covid to undertake this further ‘improvement’ of this critical Griffin Land Axis. Is it a further extension/confirmation of the militarisation of Anzac Parade, down to the Lake-side parade area with its so-called- symbolic red scoria?

The NCA’s website is incorrect, where noting under Current Projects that the Rond Terrace area was ‘Originally designed as parade grounds for military events, Rond Terrace is on the Central Land Axis of the Griffin’s design’

There is nothing ‘military’ in Griffin’s description of his stadium area (now Rond Terrace). It is only in recent decades that a parade strip was installed at the Lake edge below the terrace. It was not Griffin’s original intention and contradicts Griffin’s principles as set out in his Report Explanatory (October 1913).

The NCA needs to correct their comment and explain the justification for the current works.

The original Griffin’s planning of the area was for the peoples’ recreation, relaxation, cultural activities, arts, sporting events, and the reflection on and respect for democracy. These are the principles that should be reflected and researched, supported by expert planning based on heritage and good design that can be carefully managed for the nation into the future.


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About: The Lake Burley Griffin Guardians are a local group of volunteers concerned to protect the landscape and heritage values of Canberra’s iconic lake and its foreshore. The Guardians are not anti-development but they are very concerned about the ACT Government’s plan to alienate public open space for private commercial and apartment development at Acton Park