photo by Max Dupain

Site Overview

site name:
Maytone Avenue group (nr.4)
other/former name:
Staff Cottages
Sydney Ancher
date of completion:
4 Maytone Avenue, Killara, NSW
Residential / Houses (RES)
Submitted by:
Scott Robertson, Louise Cox, et. al. in 2014, Docomomo Australia


Sydney Ancher was amongst the first to introduce the International Style to Australian domestic building, reshaping its forms to the needs of the Australian climate and way of life. As this group of houses demonstrates so ably, the basic Miesian cube is extended with covered or screened outdoor areas, emulating the Australian verandah.

No. 4 is memorable as the house ‘displays the blend which Ancher reached of the International Style’s defiance of nature – white and boxy – with affection for the site and deference to some chosen elements in it. The angled placing of the house, and the careful scribing of brickwork over the rounded outcropping rock, emphasise the appealing form of that rock.’ (Saunders, D and Burke, C. Ancher, Mortlock & Woolley: Sydney Architects 1946-1976, 1976)

This enclave of modern case study houses is significant as a demonstration of how modern International Style architecture in Australia was adapted and designed using the capacities of local post-war construction. Even though compromised, no. 4 was recognised as an excellent piece of architecture by the NSW architectural profession, receiving the Sulman Award for 1945. Its significance is partially derived from its place in the flat roof controversy of the post-war period.
N4. Having a special association with the life or works of an architect of significant importance in our history.

(source: Maytone Avenue Houses / Australian Institute of Architects / Nationally Significant 20th-Century Architecture

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