Launch: Australian Heritage Advocacy Alliance (AHAA)

image palace
Image : Palace Theatre (courtesy ACAHUCH)
Heritage enthusiasts and stakeholders across Australia – organisations, special interest groups and individuals – recognize that heritage assets of all kinds have immense cultural, social and economic value.  However, many politicians are not aware of this.

Regrettably, there is no federal government heritage policy which effectively preserves, manages or adequately funds national heritage assets. Irreplaceable heritage assets of all kinds have already been lost or are under threat in all states and territories.

The forthcoming 2022 Federal Election presents an opportunity to influence heritage policy (and politicians) in Australia. AHAA has developed a federal election campaign strategy to raise awareness that the current heritage asset preservation policies are failing. With the help of heritage enthusiasts and stakeholders around the nation, the AHAA campaign will endeavour to break through decades of political apathy and failure to recognise the significant ‘value’ of Australia’s unique national heritage assets. Squandering irreplaceable heritage assets must cease.

The AHAA campaign seeks to inform and influence by reminding all heritage stakeholders that there is significant voting constituents who are numerous, well-informed, articulate and influential. By informing candidates in all 151 electorates around the nation that heritage assets are public assets of immense value, yet, in the absence of adequate policies and political will, are being lost, AHAA seeks to highligh the urgent need for national heritage policy reform – including serious consideration of AHAA ‘solutions’. 

AHAA is seeking heritage practitioner and those in associated industries to assist them with the following:

  1. Consider particular heritage interests (tangible, intangible, natural – there are many forms) in your locality or elsewhere in Australia.
  2. List three examples of heritage assets actually Lost and three heritage assets under Threat. Email your examples to AHAA – Your examples will be added to those already listed on the AHAA website at

Click here for more details on the AHHA Campaign Strategy and Candidate Survey