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Join DOCOMOMO Australia again in 2022 to participate in the local and international effort to discover, document, and conserve architectural landscaped sites of the Modern Movement across the 20th century in Australia and worldwide.

DOCOMOMO Australia is a volunteer group of architects historians, conservationists, and enthusiasts who all share a desire to raise awareness, appreciation, and protection of Australia’s recent designed past for the present and the future.

Without a strong core of financial members, DOCOMOMO Australia cannot pursue and grow its documentation and advocacy work or continue to be recognised as a voting international working party. With the financial assistance from membership fees we can continue to build our activities and digital forum. We are looking forward to having many new members to strengthen and expand our existing expertise. We want you to help us and to enjoy being part of DOCOMOMO Australia with us.

Scott Robertson

President Docomomo Australia

Membership of Docomomo is on a  calendar year basis (1 January until the following 31 December).  However, all subscription payments are due to be forwarded by Docomomo Australia to Docomomo International headquarters by 1 January each year to ensure delivery of the two issues of the Docomomo International Journal and receipt of the Docomomo membership card within the calendar year.

Therefore, Docomomo Australia opens the membership registration process by September each year for the following calendar year’s membership subscriptions.

Please pay your 2022 subscriptions by 15 December 2021 to ensure that, if an International member, you receive the two issues of the DOCOMOMO International magazines in 2022 and your membership card at the beginning of 2022

Join DOCOMOMO Australia this year to participate in the local and international effort to document and conserve architectural and landscaped sites of the  Modern  Movement across the  20th century in Australia and worldwide.

DOCOMOMO  Australia  is  a  volunteer  group  of  architects,  historians,  conservationists, and  enthusiasts who  all  share  a  desire  to  raise  awareness,  appreciation, and  protection  of  Australia’s  recent  designed past

Without a  strong core of financial members,  DOCOMOMO  Australia cannot pursue and grow its documentation of the Modern Movement.

With the financial assistance from membership fees we can continue to build our activities and digital forum.

2022 fees are unchanged:

International Membership type:Fee:GST payable
IndividualA$190including  GST   $6.60 
for Austr. Portion
StudentA$ 90including  GST   $3.30 
for Austr. Portion
Local Membership
IndividualA$ 60including GST $6.60
StudentA$ 30including GST $3.30

To renew your membership for 2022 or to become a member please Register Online with the Secure Server System (you can either register or proceed as a guest)
or send us a cheque for the required amount made out to Docomomo Australia Incorporated, to the Membership Secretary/Treasurer, Docomomo Australia Incorporated, 70A Blues Point Road, North Sydney, NSW, 2060.

With the Cheque please also include the following details:
1. Name
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