Momo Tour of Japan prior to Docomomo conference in Tokyo

The Gallery of Horyuji Treasures, Tokyo
The Gallery of Horyuji Treasures, Tokyo


Japan is a globally renowned for innovative and fascinating architecture and is also home to some remarkable examples of Modern Architecture of the 20th Century.

The 2020 JAPAN “MODERN ARCHITECTURE” TOUR offers the opportunity to see and visit some outstanding examples of Modern Architecture including buildings designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, Kenzo Tange, Le Corbusier, Fumihiko Maki and many more famous Japanese architects. Combine this with some wonderful contemporary architecture by the same architects, as well as art exhibitions and of course, Japanese food and culture, the 2020 JAPAN “MODERN ARCHITECTURE” TOUR will be a truly memorable experience.

This unique 8 day tour will visit the bustling metropolis of Tokyo, the ancient city of Kyoto and nearby Osaka and will be personally conducted by Australian Architect, former Japan resident and Japan Expert, Robert Day FRAIA.

The next International Docomomo Conference will be held in Tokyo from 10 September 2020, so if you are planning to visit Japan for the conference, then and this tour is the perfect complement. Even if you are not attending the conference, it will be a great opportunity to visit Japan and experience the amazing architecture and culture of Japan.

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**(Disclaimer: Note, the 2020 JAPAN “MODERN ARCHITECTURE” TOUR offered by Robert Day Travel is not associated with The 16th International Docomomo Conference Tokyo Japan 2020 nor is it endorsed or organised by DOCOMOMO International, DOCOMOMO Japan, DOCOMOMO Australia).

Japan is a country that holds great fascination for architects.

There is something unique about the architecture of Japan whether it be traditional or contemporary. Japan Tours will enable you to experience this unique architecture first hand.

The architecture of Japan is made up of so many different types, contemporary, avant garde, traditional, historic, ancient and modern. There is the incredibly outrageous and the sedately refined. There are buildings designed by some of the greatest names in world architecture and some by not-so-famous architects. Regardless, there is a common thread of clever design and exquisite craftsmanship across all the architectural types.

On a Japan Tour you will see works by Tadao Ando, Kisho Kurokawa, Kenzo Tange, Kengo Kuma, Toyo Ito, Kunio Maekawa, Frank Lloyd Wright, Le Corbusier and many more. The list of names is overwhelming.

Examples of some of the architecture that we see include:

Contemporary – National Art Center Tokyo (Kisho Kurokawa), Mikimoto 2 (Toyo Ito), Church of Light (Tadao Ando), Prada Boutique (Herzog & de Meuron).

Avant Garde – Asahi Beer Hall (Philippe Starck), Aoyama Technical College (Makoto Sei Watanabe), Shibuya Koban (Edward Suzuki).

Traditional – Yasuda House (Tokyo), Machiya (Kyoto), Kura Zukuri (Kawagoe).

Historic – Iwasaki House (Josiah Conder), Yamamura House (Frank Lloyd Wright), Yamamura House (Frank Lloyd Wright).

Ancient – Kiyomizu-dera (Kyoto), Kinkaku-ji (Kyoto), Nijo-jo (Kyoto).

Modern – National Museum of Western Art (Le Corbusier), Nakagin Capsule Building (Kisho Kurokawa), National Olympic Gymnasium (Kenzo Tange).