Introduction to Conserving Modern Architecture online course Date: September 13 – October 13, 2021

Emily Macdonald-Korth, associate project specialist working at the Eames House in Malibu, California.

Docomomo International would like to share with you the new Introduction to Conserving Modern Architecture online course, organized by the Getty Conservation Institute’s, Conserving Modern Architecture Initiative (CMAI). This asynchronous virtual course running from September 13 – October 13, 2021, will have pre-recorded video lectures, worksheets, forum discussion on a learning management system, and live sessions with fellow participants and instructors.

Course Description
The course teaches design and conservation professionals the basics about the conservation of modern buildings. Course sessions include an introduction to conservation principles and methodology, deterioration, conservation of common modern materials, and provides guidance on available resources.
The course will begin with a discussion about the challenges of conserving modern heritage within the framework of historic conservation practice and philosophy. Also presented in the course will be a value-based conservation methodology and how to apply this methodology, using two current case studies. Instructors will also explore the challenges, available tools, and good practices for identifying, documenting, and introducing protection of modern sites.
Lectures will focus on common materials and systems found in modern buildings such as, reinforced concrete, common interior finishes, windows, and curtain walls. These sessions will also include an introduction to materials history and basic knowledge on their deterioration, diagnosis, and repair. Case studies will illustrate the discussed concepts and demonstrate practical conservation solutions. Videos will also provide opportunities for participants to watch testing and tools, along with hands-on activities.

Several of the participants who registered for the 2020 course, have stayed on and will be participating this year. There are a few available seats and new applications are being accepted.”

Further information on GCI Webpage and on GCI Facebook page.