International Publications: On Post-War Housing in Brussels

Publications: On Post-War Housing in Brussels
by multiple authors of Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), Belgium, 2016

“The first book deals with the student homes on the VUB-campus in Elsene, designed by architect Willy Van Der Meeren in 1971-1973 (by Stephanie Van de Voorde, Ine Wouters and Inge Bertels, ISBN 978-94-91912-061).

The second book focuses on the apartment building Miramar in Sint-Joost-ten-Node, designed by architect Claude Laurens (Stephanie Van de Voorde, Tristan Boniver et al., ISBN 978-94-91912-078).

By means of the analysis of these two case studies and their building history, the publications shed light on the building materials that were applied in the post-war period. As such, they can contribute to a better understanding of the qualities of our post-war heritage, in view of safeguarding their future and support respectful renovation strategies. Indeed, the post-war heritage finds itself under great pressure today: the heritage value thereof is not always recognized and its future is often uncertain.

These 2 new publications are a follow-up to a trilingual publication on building materials that were applied in post-war housing in Brussels (1945-1975), published in December 2015 (Stephanie Van de Voorde, Inge Bertels, Ine Wouters, ISBN 978-94-91912-047). This book can, together with additional documentation, be consulted and downloaded on

The publications resulted from a research project conducted within the framework of the research platform BrusselsRetrofitXL, financed by Innoviris (”

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