International / Heritage in Danger: City-Hof, Hamburg


Under Threat: City-Hof
by Rudolph Klophaus, Hamburg, Germany, 1954-58

Designed by the architect Rudolph Klophaus, the modernist building complex City-Hof in Hamburg is in danger of demolition. The Initiative City-Hof is joining forces to publicly advocate the urgent need to preserve the buildings for future generations.

“In the 1950s, the four high-rise buildings, along with intermediate buildings and a shopping arcade, were built only a stone’s throw away from the central station of Hamburg. Originally, the façades of the buildings were structured with bright square LECA-panels, which also served as permanent forms for the concrete work. In the 1970s, the windows were replaced, and the façade of the City-Hof was covered with grey fiber cement boards.
Despite being listed as monument and remaining in good condition, the public building could be privatized soon and demolished in 2018!”

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