Other Modernisms


Ninth International Docomomo Conference
Istanbul & Ankara, 26-29 septembre 2006

The theme of the conference, “Other Modernisms,” was employed as a broad umbrella under which designated not only the experiences of non-European and non-North American cultures, but a wide range of architectural and urban practices that fall outside the familiar, official accounts of modern architecture could take place.
The ‘other’ was meant to provoke a range of different readings including —but not limited to— the ‘non-western’ others (colonial encounters, exile, emigration, diasporas, trans-national histories, etc), the national, regional or local others of ‘international style’ (various searches for ‘national expression’ within twentieth century modernism), the subaltern others of homogeneous modern identities (i.e. race, gender and class as they have informed modern spatial practices), the anonymous, vernacular or ‘ordinary’ others of canonic modernism (such as generic slab-block apartments or squatter zones), the ‘hybrid’ others of a pure, pristine modernism (eclectic variations, multiple identities, cross-breeds), the ‘underdeveloped’ others of advanced, industrial modernisms (low-tech, appropriate tech, infrastructure projects, materials, building industry, labor, capital, patronage, etc), the preservationist others of a transient, design-oriented, utopian conception of the modern (the idea of modern architecture as repository of collective memory, as ‘heritage’) and, the temporal others of a linear modern history that has peaked in two periods: interwar and postwar (i.e. time-lags, synchrony, diachrony, pioneers, latecomers, etc).

Docomomo Australia Fiches 2006

Manly Ferry Wharf, 1941, Sydney,
Arthur Baldwinson
Fiche Pdf

McIntyre House, 1955,
Melbourne,  Peter & Dione McIntyre
Fiche Pdf

Cameron Offices 1968-1977, Canberra
John Andrews International
Fiche Pdf

Former Readers Digest Building, 1964-1967, Sydney,
John James
Fiche Pdf

Preshil School, 1962-1972, Melbourne,
Kevin Borland
Fiche Pdf