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Australian Modern Buildings
Fiches by Decade


Houses, Castlecrag, NSW 1920-1935
Walter Burley Griffin and Marion Mahoney Griffin
Early Fiche



Mac Robertson Girls’ High School, 1933-34, Melbourne, Victoria
Norman Seabrook
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Hunter Institute of Technology, 1934-40, Mayfield, Newcastle, NSW
Harry Rembert within the office of the NSW Government Architect
(E.E. Smith & C. Parkes)
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Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Gloucester House 1936, Sydney,
Stephenson & Turner
Fiche Pdf

Manly Surf Life Saving Pavilion, 1938, Manly Beach, Sydney,
Eric Andrews
Fiche Pdf

Michael Tuck Grandstand and Entry Pavilion; Glenferrie Oval, 1938 Hawthorn, Melbourne
Stuart Clader in association with Marsh & Michaelson
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King George V Hospital for Mothers and Babies, 1938-41, Sydney,
Stephenson & Turner
Early Fiche



Adelaide High School, 1940-51, Adelaide,
EB Fitzgerald and John Brogan
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School of Mechanical & Automotive Engineering, Sydney Institute of Technology, 1938-1940, Ultimo, Sydney
NSW Government Architect’s Branch / Harry Rembert.
Fiche Pdf

Manly Ferry Wharf, 1941, Sydney,
Arthur Baldwinson
Fiche Pdf

Permanent Duration Cottages, 1942-1943, Sydney,
Walter Bunning
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Wylde Street Apartments, 1948-1951,  Sydney,
Aaron Bolot
Early Fiche

Rose Seidler House Group, 1948-1956,  Sydney,
Harry Seidler
Early Fiche

Hillman House, 1948-1949, Sydney,
Henry Epstein
Fiche Pdf

Stanhill Flats, 1945-1950, Melbourne,
Frederick Romberg
Early Fiche



Swedish prefabricated houses, 1951, Sydney,
Commonwealth of Australia, Dept of Works & Housing
Fiche Pdf   (Scott Robinson, 2004)

Former Roy Grounds House and Flats, 1953-1954, Melbourne,
Roy Grounds
Fiche Pdf

McIntyre House, 1955,
Melbourne,  Peter & Dione McIntyre
Fiche Pdf

Richardson House, 1955-1956, Sydney,
Peter Muller
Fiche Pdf (Jacqueline Urford, 2004)

Olympic Swimming Stadium, 1952-1956, Melbourne
Kevin Borland, Peter McIntyre, John & Phyllis Murphy
Fiche Pdf (Noni Boyd, 2003)

Ancher House III, 1957, Sydney,
Sydney Ancher
Early Fiche

Qantas House, 1949-1957,  Sydney,
Rudder, Littlemore & Rudder
Fiche Pdf

MLC Building, 1954-1957, Sydney,
Bates Smart & McCutcheon
Fiche Pdf (Peter McKenzie, 2004)

Glass House / Lucas House,  Castlecrag NSW,
Bill & Ruth Lucas
Fiche Pdf

Becker House / Academy of Science, 1958, Canberra,
Grounds Romberg and Boyd
Fiche Pdf

Centenary Swimming Pools, 1959,  Brisbane,
James Birrell
Early Fiche

ICI House, 1955-58,  Melbourne,
Bates, Smart & McCutcheon
Early Fiche

Sidney Myer Music Bowl, 1956-1959, Melbourne,
Yunken Freeman Brothers
Early Fiche

Robin Boyd House II, 1957, Melbourne,
Grounds, Romberg and Boyd
Early Fiche

Sandringham Hospital, 1959-1964, 
Esmond Dorney
Fiche Pdf (Cameron Logan, 2004)


Dalton House, 1960, Brisbane,
John Dalton

Goldstein College, University of NSW, 1962-64, Kensington, Sydney, NSW
Peter Hall within the office of the NSW Government Architect (E.H. Farmer)
Fiche Pdf

Summerhayes House, 1960, Perth,
Geoffrey Summerhayes
Early Fiche

Council House, 1962, Perth,
Howlett & Bailey Architects
Early Fiche

Cameron Offices 1968-1977, Canberra
John Andrews International
Fiche Pdf

Liner House, 1960, Sydney,
Bunning and Madden
Early Fiche

Woolley House I, 1962, Sydney,
Ken Woolley
Early Fiche

Sydney Opera House
(Stage 1), 1957-63 Jorn Utzon
(Stage 2) 1963-1973, Hall, Todd and Littlemore
Early Fiche

Demountable Classrooms, 1966, Various locations in NSW
NSW Government Architect (E.H. Farmer)
Fiche Pdf

Lyons House, 1966-1967,  Sydney,
Robin Boyd
Early Fiche

Pettit & Sevitt Project Home Display Village, 1964, Sydney,
Ancher, Murray, Mortlock & Woolley
Fiche Pdf

CB Alexander College, 1965, NSW,
Phillip Cox and Ian Mackay
Early Fiche

Australia Square, 1967, Sydney,
Harry Seidler & Associates
Early Fiche

Former Readers Digest Building, 1964-1967, Sydney,
Colin James
Fiche Pdf

Preshil School, 1962-1972, Melbourne,
Kevin Borland
Fiche Pdf

Harry and Penelope Seidler House, 1967, Killara/Sydney NSW
Harry and Penelope Seidler
Fiche Pdf (Noni Boyd / Anne Higham, 2003)



Ku-Ring-Gai College of Advanced Education, University of Technology (UTS), 1968-1972, Sydney,
David Turner and NSW Government Architect’s Office
Fiche Pdf (Noni Boyd, 2003)

Murray Valley Private Hospital and cancer treatment centre
AKA Clyde Cameron Trade Union Training Academy, Wodonga, Victoria
Fiche Pdf (D Evans, 2007)

Former Torin Building, 1974-76, Penrith, Sydney
Marcel Breuer and his partner Herbert Beckhard in association with Harry Seidler & ass
Fiche Pdf (Noni Boyd, 2008)

Sirius Building, 1975-80, Sydney
NSW Housing Commission (Project architect: Tao Gofers)
Fiche Pdf
(Noni Boyd, 2017)



Great Southern Stand MCG, 1989-1992, Melbourne,
Daryl Jackson in association with Tomkins Shaw & Evans
Fiche Pdf (Noni Boyd, 2003)