List of  Australian Fiches in the Docomomo International Register

The international specialist’s committee on Registers (ISC/R) was established in 1992 during the second docomomo international conference, held in the Bauhaus building in Dessau. The aim was to engage national working parties in fostering documentation on modern movement buildings and sites. The most immediate objective was the development of an inventory of iconic examples of modern architecture to be discussed at the Barcelona Conference in 1994.  15 working parties submitted fiches recording a total of more than 500 buildings and sites.

A common pattern for the inventory was then agreed with three levels distinguished for selecting significant buildings, sites and neighborhoods of modern architecture:

The local level: the national and/or regional register
The international level: the international selection (IS)
The global level: world heritage List (WHL).

In  2000 a New International Fiche documentation pattern was designed to accommodate a wider range of subjects – especially complexes including several items – and to facilitate transfer of files to a database. Work from this documentation resulted in the international publication The Modern Movement in Architecture: Selections from the docomomo registers, and was launched at the sixth international conference in Brasilia, in 2000.

In 2002 a thematical approach was launched by ISC Registers. Every national  working party has been asked to submit 5 register fiches related to a specific theme set annually. Australia has submitted documentation under these themes from 2003 to 2009, and this work forms a valuable and substantial documentation of Australian Modernism.



Early Fiches

Sport and Body

Postwar Import-Export

The Modern House

Other Modernisms




Fiches by state

Fiches by year