Int. Exhbition / TOTALPROEKT. The Invisible Architecture of Modernity or the Bulgarian postwar utopia

DOCOMOMO International is pleased to report that the exhibition ‘TOTALPROEKT. The Invisible Architecture of Modernity’ opened as a result of the combined effort of DOCOMOMO Bulgaria and the New Architectural Heritage Foundation, with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Bulgaria. The exhibition is on view until 21st August 2022 in Sofia’s Toplocentrala regional centre for contemporary art.

The exhibition aims to portray the rapid modernization and the total art of architecture in socialist Bulgaria following World War II, captured through 6 case studies that signify the ubiquity of the postwar reconstruction effort. The organizers intend this project to be a ray of hope – telling unknown stories, showing quality of thought and work that we can learn from even today, creating a total visual environment. The past can bring not only divisions and destruction, but also optimism.

More information available in the document attached: