Int. / Between lines. Modern women architects and their contribution to the discipline

“Between lines. Modern women architects and their contribution to the discipline” is looking for contributors for their upcoming publication.

Reception of abstracts (300 words) 08 July 2022
Evaluation 01 August 2022
Reception of full texts 07 October 2022
Publication April 2023

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Manola Ogalde / Javiera Rodríguez / Valentina Rojas / Barbara Rozas / Fabiola Solari

Contributions are sought for the publication that will accompany the exhibition of the project “Between lines. Modern women architects and their contribution to the discipline”, funded by Fondart 2022 of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage. The document will be reviewed by an international scientific committee and edited by members of the Heritage and Modernity research cluster of the Cultural Heritage Center UC.

This publication aims to gather a history based on the intersection of modernity, gender and architecture built on essays and testimonies that question, expand or converse with the contents of the accompanying exhibition. The call seeks stories of women architects who have operated throughout Chile, regardless of their home of study and/or country of origin. Contributions may have a monographic approach, focused on an architect or a particular group, as well as a panoramic vision that addresses a specific theme, period or context, as long as it is related to modern architecture. We hope that from this dialogue with the ‘other’ modernity -scarcely recorded in historiography- points of convergence and divergence appear between the architects studied by “Between the Lines”, their peers and their extended cultural context.

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Remember that you have until Friday, July 8 to submit your abstract. For more information, follow us on Instagram as @patrimonioymodernidad or visit the website

Abstract call. Image courtesy of “Between the Lines”

About the project:
“Between lines. Modern women architects and their contribution to the discipline” is a project funded by Fondart 2022, Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage. It is the second stage of a research that seeks to develop a fair critique of the work of modern women architects in Chile and nurture the historicization of that period through stories that differ from what, at the moment, belongs to the disciplinary canon. Its germinal stage, supported by the ARQ UC 2020 Seed Fund, focused on collecting primary sources that came directly from women who had been part of the UC School of Architecture. The work was born as a reaction to its scarce presence in the modern disciplinary discourse, verified through a historiographic review. Its second stage (2022-23) seeks to extend the collaboration network of “Between the lines” beyond the Catholic University, and includes the production of an exhibition and a publication that will make it possible to make visible, enrich and understand in greater depth where and how they operated.

Photographic record of the archival work carried out by the “Between the Lines” team in the Originals Archive of the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urban Studies, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Image courtesy of Archive of Originals FADEU UC (@archivo_fadeu)