Int. Architecture We Love To Hate: 15 Controversial Modernist Buildings in Hong Kong. A Public Engagement Project

The project was run in 2019 and it is now accessible through the Docomomo Hong Kong website:

Why are certain buildings being deemed ugly and worthless by some people but treasured by others? What are the bases for forming these different opinions? How do judgements made by
professional experts and the general public affect the perceived value of our built landscapes and their fate in ongoing urban development?

In this public engagement project, we will explore these questions by examining 15 controversial modernist buildings in Hong Kong. All constructed between 1950s and 1980s, the histories of these buildings correspond with the popularity of architectural modernism in other parts of the world. Although some have been hailed as exemplars of modern architecture that deserve to be protected, they have been simultaneously labelled as “eyesores” which should be eradicated.

Through a series of activities that include a public forum, walking tours and photography workshops, we will discuss these buildings from different perspectives. Some key questions to consider include: What are the competing meanings and values that have been inscribed in these built forms over time? How have our perspectives been shaped and reshaped by the changing urban context? How can our judgements be contextualized in relation to emerging trends of architecture and urban design in the past and present?

1/ The Hong Kong Arts Centre 香港藝術中心
2/ HKBU Academic Community Hall 浸會大學會堂
3/ Causeway Round Pedestrian Bridge 銅鑼灣圓形天橋
4/ PLA Headquarters 解放軍駐港部隊大廈
5/ HKU Knowles Building 鈕魯詩樓
6/ General Post Office 香港郵政總局
7/ Tang Lung Chau Market 燈籠洲街市
8/ Radio Hong Kong Broadcasting House 香港電台
9/ Yik Cheong Building 益昌大廈
10/ Hong Kong Coliseum 香港體育館
11/ Wah Fu Estate 華富邨
12/ Garden Centre 嘉頓中心
13/ State Theatre 皇都戲院
14/ China Merchant Building 招商局大廈
15/ Wing Kwong Pentecostal Holiness Church 五旬節聖潔會永光堂

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