International-US | Vanna Venturi House on Sale


The house designed by Robert Venturi for his mother Vanna Venturi in 1964 is on sale. It is one of the most iconic buildings of 1960s postmodernism.

“The 3-bedroom, 2-bath, 1,986-square-foot house’s most recent owner, University of Pennsylvania professor Dr. Thomas P. Hughes, who died last February according to Philadelphia magazine, purchased the house from Robert Venturi in 1973 after the death of his mother. Apparently, the Hughes’s daughter has “lovingly maintained” the home, preserving its original whimsical character. Philadelphia notes a half-moon-shaped window-and-French doors in the master bedroom as lasting evidence of Venturi’s design whimsy”

(from the website Curbed, follow the link for more information)


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