Hungry Town: 2019 Labour Day Symposium

Japanese Room, Level 4
Glyn Davis Building (MSD) 133
University of Melbourne

Join us for the annual ACAHUCH Labour Day Heritage Symposium. In 2019 we’ll explore new research into the value, purpose, form and history of spaces for the purchase, consumption and production of food.

Dining trends come and go; the heritage of food consumption is often ephemeral. Fashions have embraced beer gardens, wineries, the celebrity chef, migrant cafes, the temperance movement, theatre restaurants, al fresco dining and more. In all cases design has played a crucial and formative part in shaping not only food culture or the built environment, but also social interaction itself.

At Hungry Town we will discuss new understandings about the historical and heritage significance of the spaces and places of food. Bringing together a fascinating group of national and international speakers, themes covered will include:

  • Food as a focus for community and activism
  • The BBQ!
  • Dining spaces for leisure and entertainment
  • Migrant identity and food
  • Restaurant aesthetics from fast food to fine dining
  • Indigenous and non-indigenous rural productive landscapes
  • Iconic places of food distribution and storage

Commentary and response from Prof Robert Freestone, UNSW

The closing keynote of the symposium will be delivered by Dr Samantha Martin-McAuliffe of University College, Dublin who edited the collection Food and Architecture (Bloomsbury, 2016), which explores the intersections between taste and place. Dr Martin-McAuliffe’s research interests include Classical antiquity, the reciprocity of the built environment and food, and the phenomenology of landscapes.

Convened by David Nichols, Hannah Lewi and Andrew Murray and ACAHUCH, Faculty of Architecture, Building and Planning, The University of Melbourne.

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