Heritage HIIT Series: CPD for heritage and non-heritage architects | Aug + Sept 2022

4 Webinars: 18/25 Aug, 8/15 Sept
Regent Theatre Melbourne, Heritage Restauration by Lovell Chen and Peter Glenane

The Australian Institute of Architects has developed a four-part seminar program to provide non-heritage specialist architects with key skills and knowledge for navigating the statutory and philosophical frameworks relating to heritage throughout Australia.

Heritage HIIT Series: Bootcamp CPD for non-heritage architects / AIA webinar series

4 Part Series of webinar events offering a total of 8 Formal CPD points

Welcome to the Australian Institute of Architects four-session Heritage HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) Series. Each session in this Heritage Bootcamp comprises a two-hour (2 formal CPD-point) live presentation, and the full series provides a total of 8 formal CPD points. Each 2 formal CPD-point sessions can be purchased individually.

We are also currently offering the complete Heritage HIIT Series as a single bundle. Available now to purchase at a discounted rate, this bundle includes access to all four Heritage HIIT sessions amounting to eight hours of expert presentation content, equivalent to 8 formal CPD points.

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Heritage HIIT Series: Complete Bundle Offer

Heritage HIIT 01: Why protect Australia’s cultural heritage?
Heritage HIIT 02: Assessing and managing significance
Heritage HIIT 03: Conservation in action – traditional materials and trades
Heritage HIIT 04: Showcasing heritage – design case studies

Heritage HIIT 01: Why protect Australia’s cultural heritage? 

Thursday 18 August 2022 (Chair, Anne-Marie Treweeke)

Award-winning conservation architect, urban designer and author Elizabeth Vines explores heritage conservation frameworks in an Australian and international context. Following this, Yugumbir man and principal architect for the Government Architect NSW Dillon Kombumerri presents illuminating knowledge and perspectives for reading and respecting Indigenous cultural heritage, helping to build attendees’ First Nations cultural literacy in line with new NSCA performance criteria. 

Heritage HIIT 02: Assessing and managing significance 

Thursday 25 August 2022 (Chair, Eric Martin)

Architect and senior heritage consultant Suzanne Zahra will walk attendees through the what, when and how-to of Conservation Management Plans, Heritage Impact Assessment/Statement of Heritage Effects, and the appeal processes. Attendees will then move into their nominated break-out group for expert-led discussions focusing on the legislative, regulatory and policy landscapes specific to State/Territory jurisdictions. 

ACT: Katrina Keller (Chair, Louise Cox)
QLD: Ruth Woods  (Chair, Charles Rowe)
NSW: Matt Devine (Chair, Louise Cox)
SA: Michael Queale (Chair, John Byleveld)
NT: Michael Wells (Chair, John Byleveld)
VIC: Roger Beeston (Chair, Paul Johnston)
TAS: Paul Johnston (Chair, Paul Johnston0
WA: Adelyn Siew (Chair, John Byleveld)

Heritage HIIT 03: Conservation in action – Traditional materials and Trades 

Thursday 8 September 2022 (Chair, Jude Doyle)

In this third of our Heritage HIIT Sessions, we will examine the stuff of conservation – traditional materials and trades. We will explore a number of exemplar projects highlighting particular materials used and processes engaged to achieve the required conservation outcome. Our expert presenters, Jude Doyle, Jason Pruszinski and Peter Lovell, David Bridgman and Jean Rice will breakdown the essentials of research and analysis. How to identify a structure’s style and period, correct photographic and other documentation processes, when to revers unsympathetic elements, and ways to define the threshold for deferring to a heritage or other specialist expert are all explored through a set of fascinating and significant project examples.

Heritage HIIT 04: Showcasing Heritage – Design Case Studies 

Thursday 15 September 2022 (Chair, Alice Hampson)

We look at a series of in-progress and recently completed case studies from across Australia to demonstrate how real-world refurbishment and adaptive reuse projects for places of heritage significance have addressed issues of climate change, sustainability, equity of access, fire code compliance and seismic considerations. It will also explore key policy and design principles for approaching new development in heritage conservation areas. 

Speakers: Alice Hampson, Melissa Hughes, George Phillips, Mat Hinds, David Brown, Dimmity Walker


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