Getty Institute online course: “Old Cities, New Challenges: Urban Conservation in South East Asia”, 22-17 June 2024,

“Old Cities, New Challenges,” online course focused on urban conservation in Southeast Asia  –  April 22 – June 17, 2024.

The Getty Conservation Institute and Think City Institute are pleased to announce that applications are now open for “Old Cities, New Challenges,” an 8-week online course focused on urban conservation in Southeast Asia and taught by heritage conservation professionals.  The course will run from April 22 – June 17, 2024.

Created for mid-career urban planners, architects, and associated urban conservation professionals from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region, “Old Cities, New Challenges” seeks to teach participants how to manage the challenges of urban conservation in their respective cities. This impact-driven course will provide participants with an understanding of conservation methodologies and practical, effective tools and techniques for the conservation of historic places in urban contexts, while contributing to participants’ career development path. The course has a range of teachers from the region and the US, including  Australia ICOMOS members David Logan and Liz Vines.

For more information, please visit the Getty Conservation Institute.  To  apply please visit Think City Institute. For further questions, please reach out to Caroline Cheong, course coordinator, at

Deadline to apply is January 10, 2024.


As the world becomes more urban, cities are facing increasing urban development challenges and city leaders and professionals are recognising that in a world of greater homogeneity, cities need to compete with each other to attract talent and for investment. Cultural heritage has been identified as one key aspect in making a city unique for talent and investors. As such,  city governments and private developers are looking to unlock the potential of their heritage assets, and identify how they might help achieve the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Old Cities New Challenges 2024 is the third in a series of courses for urban conservation in Southeast Asia that is aimed at planners, architects, and associated urban conservation professionals working with urban heritage assets. This impact-driven course was created to provide participants a fuller understanding of conservation methodologies and practical, effective tools and techniques for the conservation of historic places in urban contexts while contributing to the career development path of the participants.

Course Duration

8 weeks ( 22 April – 17 June, 2024)


The course will be delivered online and will be highly interactive. Formal presentations will be complemented by live tutorials and feature group discussions during which participants will develop their knowledge and skills through exercises using a defined heritage site. We will follow the Historic Urban Landscape approach, which emphasizes a values-based approach to heritage conservation. Participants will share their experiences regarding heritage conservation challenges in their respective cities.

Topics to be addressed include: 

  • Examination of international approaches, including Historic Urban Landscape (HUL) 
  • Documentation of tangible and intangible heritage assets, including cultural mapping 
  • Defining cultural significance of historic places, resulting in a statement of significance 
  • Heritage economics, related to cultural capital and sustainability 
  • The adaptation of the Sustainable Development Goals into heritage conservation planning 
  • Infill development in historic areas 
  • Goals, strategies and components of an urban conservation plan, resulting in participants’ drafting a plan for a specific site


This course is offered entirely as a eight-week remote-learning experience using the Brightspace learning platform, with a one-week break between weeks four and five. Participants will attend live 90-minute sessions once a week with instructors.

After these live sessions, short pre-recorded presentations will be available for participants for independent learning until the next week’s session.

There will be no live sessions the week of May 19.


The course is restricted to thirty mid-career urban planners, architects and associated urban conservation professionals living or working in one of the ten countries in the ASEAN network.


A team of six instructors and invited speakers will share their practical expertise related to the conservation of historic places.

Course Director 

Caroline Cheong, Cultural heritage and economic development planner



A Course For Urban Conservation In Southeast Asia

We hope you can join us!