From Classroom to Campus: The Heritage of Modern Education

This symposium, which includes public lectures by leading international conservation practitioners, plenary talks by historians and educationalists, as well panel presentations and themed roundtable discussions, will explore the historical documentation, conservation and potential heritage values of once modern and now ageing educational campuses in Australia and around the world.

The event brings together practitioners from heritage, architecture, education, planning and landscape spheres, alongside researchers and policy-makers. Lectures and workshop sessions will encompass broad consideration of heritage values, beyond the aesthetic and stylistic, to include aspects of planning and landscaping, construction, educational reform, along with the social values connected to classroom and campus use and memory. Topics of discussion and debate will include:

  • How to promote sympathetic and nuanced engagement with extant modern campuses as an institutional responsibility of stewardship, while acknowledging the real pressures of institutional development, renewal and branding through design.
  • Strategies for broadening heritage consideration, documentation and evaluation to include the more intangible histories and associations of memories around the social and transformative experience of learning.
  • Strategies for considering the campus as a crucial urban and suburban site that is porous and impacts upon local community contexts.

Outcomes that will follow from the symposium include providing guidance and advocacy for documentation, heritage and conservation strategies and policies at local community and national levels. Future new directions for the conservation, adaptation and planning of the modern campus will be considered alongside propositions of frameworks for understanding new interventions.


Keynote Speakers : Keynote 1: David Fixler  Keynote 2: John Allan

Coordinator/s: Dr Cameron Logan & Assoc Prof Hannah Lewi

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