Foulkes Taylor showroom
The building was commissioned to showcase and sell David Foulkes Taylor’s furniture from the mid-1960s. Picture: Robert Frith

Site Overview

site name:
Foulkes Taylor Showroom
Julius Elischer
date of completionConstruction:


Nedlands, Western Australia


For anyone who studied architecture in Perth, this building located adjacent to the University of Western Australia campus, has endured as an inspiration, with many sketching expeditions mounted to study its modelling of light and shade.

Designed by Julius Elischer for the Perth patron of modern design David Foulkes Taylor, the building was commissioned to showcase and sell furniture from the mid-1960s onwards.

Inspiration from Le Corbusier is visible in the artfully arranged windows of coloured glass punched into the bagged, white brick façade.

It was given a new lease of life in 2005, when purchased by the Western Australian Institute of Architects and renovated by Bernard Seeber Architects.

Source: Australian Modernism’s Top 10: Part Two (University of Melbourne)