Foulkes Taylor showroom
The building was commissioned to showcase and sell David Foulkes Taylor’s furniture from the mid-1960s. Picture: Robert Frith

Site Overview

site name:
Foulkes Taylor Showroom
Julius Elischer
date of completion:


2/31 Broadway, Nedlands, Western Australia
protection status/heritage listings
Western Australia State Register of Heritage Places (13655)


This building and its architect each holds an almost mythical place in Perth’s architectural memories and landscape. Julies Elischer’s client, David Foulkes Taylor was clearly a knowledgeable and presumably passionate patron. In a rare moment, an ambitious and informed client combined with a mature and deft architect to create a commercial building – a showroom – of extraordinary quality. Located near the University of Western Australia, the building nods to Le Corbusier through its patterned fenestration, and its distinctive white-washed brickwork and brick-tiled courtyards contribute to its rare timelessness as well as its relaxed but undoubted civic qualities. Bathed in Perth’s brilliant sunlight, the carved white forms of the Foulkes Taylor showroom are striking. In 2005, the WA Chapter of the AIA were prescient to secure the building as a long-term home for the profession. Local architect, Bernard Seeber, undertook an adaptation of generally and admirably light touch although at least some of the spatial delight of the original showroom building has been lost.

Text adapted from an entry by Fred Chaney in Australia Modern: Architecture, Landscape and Design 1925-1975, Hannah Lewi and Philip Goad (2019, Thames and Hudso

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