Foreign Exhibition | MIES & the inheritance of modernism

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Context | InternatIonal exhIbItIon

This programme is presented to you within the context of the exhibition

MIES & the inheritance of modernism

(from 10 April up to and including 7 August).

The world-famous architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1886–1969) still inspires architects. However, his work is falling into decay, like many other modernistic buildings. This evokes the question: what should we preserve and how?

Mies Masterpieces

The exhibition provides some answers. You will see, feel and read everything about Five restored masterpieces by ‘Mies’: S.R. Crown Hall, Villa Tugendhat, 860-880 Lake Shore Drive, Robert F. Carr Memorial Chapel and Verseidag.

A 20-minute video about these buildings, projected onto a 20-meter wide screen, will have its world premiere.

You will also see an overview of 80 buildings designed by Mies van der Rohe.

sChUnCK* GlaspaleIs

Frits Peutz’s Glaspaleis was almost demolished twice. It is now a classic example of renovation (executed by Jo Coenen and Wiel Arets) and new use (library, music school, museum for modern and contemporary art, dance school, architecture institute, art cinema, espresso bar and brasserie).

You can Find all of the up-to-date information on


Start International  symposium

Sunday 10 April, 10 am
Registration required (website) English spoken

€10 (students €7.50)


Speakers Martijn Jaspers (Chipper- eld Architects), Wessel de Jonge (TU Delft/Wessel de Jonge Architecten), Friso van der Steen (director interna- tional projects Mecanoo), Gunny Harboe (Harboe Architects, Chicago)

Lunch – Afternoon Discussion

Introduction: Christian Raabe (RWTH Aachen)
Panel members: Ivo Hammer (restorer/ chairman THICOM), Gunny Harboe, (Harboe Architects, Chicago), Norbert Hanenberg (RWTH Aachen), Wessel de Jonge (Wessel de Jonge Architecten/ TU Delft), Martijn Jaspers (Chipper eld Architects)

Moderator: Alex Dill (University Karlsruhe)

MInI sYMposIa

(at four universities in the EU Region) English spoken. Every mini symposium consists of two lectures and a follow- up discussion. It is not necessary to register, but space is limited.

Mies & the inheritance of modernism

Thursday 21 April, 7 pm
Speakers: Wiel Arets (Dean College
of Architecture, IIT, Chicago), Stephan Petermann (AMO associate, OMA Rotterdam)
Location: TU Eindhoven, Zwarte Doos/ cinema

Restoration of three Mies masterpieces in Chicago (US)
Wednesday 11 May, 7 pm
Speakers: Gunny Harboe (Harboe Architects, Chicago), Menno Homan (Menno Homan Architect)

Location: University of Hasselt (B)

Restoration of Villa Tugendhat in Brno (Czech Republic) Wednesday 1 June, 7 pm Speakers: Ivo Hammer (restorer/ chairman THICOM), Robbrecht en Daem architecten.

Location: University of Liège (B)

Restoration of Verseidag in Krefeld (Germany)
Wednesday 22 June, 7 pm
Speakers: Norbert Hanenberg/Daniel Lohmann (RWTH), Christiane Lange Location: RWTH Aachen (D)


The beauty of pure technology

Ko van Dun (1953, Heerlen) will intro- duce the architect Mies van der Rohe, his oeuvre, modernism in architecture and the link with today.

Tuesday 26 April, 8 pm
Location: SCHUNCK* Glaspaleis Costs: 7.50 euro including ticket to the exhibition


Krefeld (Verseidag)
Sunday 19 June Day excursion
A tour around the Verseidag complex, the only project in the exposition that is currently being renovated. Haus Lange, Haus Esters and Haus Heusgen will also be visited. These houses, designed by Mies, are all located in Krefeld.
More detailed information will be provi- ded on our website.

Brno (Villa Tugendhat)
Two-day programme that you can visit on your own. Including tours through Villa Tugendhat led by Ivo Hammer (chairman of the international advisory commission THICOM), Daniela Hammer- Tugendhat (daughter of the owner)
and a city walk led by Mojmír Jeřábek, director of the foreign affairs of ce of Brno. More detailed information will be provided on our website.


In cooperation with Filmhuis
De Spiegel, Bongerd 18, Heerlen

Haus Tugendhat

Thursday 2 June / 8 pm
(including a follow-up discussion with expert restorer Ivo Hammer)

Mies, a Michael Blackwood lm

Wednesday 8 June / 8 pm (under reservation)

More detailed information will be provided on our website.

CItY toUr

Sunday 17 April / 1 pm – 2.30 pm Start: The central hall of the SCHUNCK* Glaspaleis.

Free tour led by Friends of SCHUNCK* Hans Pannemans and Ton van Mastrigt visiting modernistic buildings showing the contrast with traditional Heerlen.

Max. 15 participants per group. Two tours will be given concurrently. It is not necessary to register, but space is limited.

sUndaY toUrs

(in Schunck*)

24 April 1pm–2pm
24 April 2pm–3pm (in dialect) 29 May 1pm–2pm
26June 1pm–2pm
31July 1pm–2pm


Stichting SCHUNCK*
Bongerd 18, 6411 JM Heerlen


T: +31 (0)45 – 577 22 00


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